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Nail art trends for this season

Top 10 Nail Art Trends to Try Now

It’s always intimidating to take trends from the runway to real life. However, these nail art designs are more than approachable for you to try for the new season! Since your nails don’t require a long commitment, it’s always easy to try something bold or out of your comfort zone. From New York to Seoul Fashion Week, here are some of the top nail art trends to look out for and try out yourself!

Bold colors and prints for 90s graphic nail art

90’s Graphic
Forget graphic tees! It’s all about making your nails come to life. 90’s Graphic are all about mixing a variety of colors, cartoons, and patterns. For a modern twist on the bold trend, try adding an accent of graphic on your nail, instead of all over. This gives a more minimalist feel to an otherwise bold look.

Use two colors to create a dual toned look

This is the easiest way to experiment with new colors and combinations, without having to add an actual design. You can either play this up or down by the types of colors you choose; opt for bright and contrasting colors for a vibrant look, or play it down by choosing two similar colors with muted tones for a more subtle vibe.

Marble patterned nails

Marble Nails
From laptop cases to phone cases to house decor, marble has been a timeless pattern. That’s why it’s no surprise that it’s made its way to your fingertips, as your ultimate style accessory! To kick it up a notch, move away from the original marble tones of black and white, and go for variations of darker hues. You can also add a pattern-less color to your ring finger as a nice complement to the marble pattern.

Simple line art on nails

Line it Up
This season, it’s all about “less is more.” Add one or two simple lines on a clear nail base to create a clean, negative space nail design. Bonus: it looks chic, even when your nails grow out!

Minimalist dots on nude nails

Minimalist Dot
Continuing the minimalist trend, Minimalist Spots have been a big trend on the runway this season. The simple dotted-look adds a retro vibe to the nail, without going too crazy. It also doesn’t require any professional skills to achieve this look. Just put a dot on it!

Dark French tip for nails

French Tip With A Twist
The French Tip is as timeless as it gets, but to put a new spin on things this season, it’s all about the Dark French Tip. Forget about the classic white-and-ivory combo. The dark tip will add an edgy but classy vibe to your nail, but still maintain that clean look.

Dark, gothic nail polish

Gothic Hues
This one’s not so much a design, but a color trend. There’s been a lot of focus on gothic/punk-rock tones, such as metal-grey, ox blood and black. This adds a grungy, dark vibe, without looking messy. If you want to take it to the next level, go for the two-toned look, but with added texture like glitter or a matte sheen.


Hint of silver nail polish

Hints of Silver
Hints of silver have been a big runway trend this season, and can make you look edgy and futuristic. The trick for this is to make silver the accent of the nail, whether it’s a french tip or a two-tone combo. Mix shades by adding a muted nude or darker shade with silver as a base, to create a stylish contrast.

Sprinkle of nail glitter

Sprinkle Some Glitter On Top
Similar to the silver trend, this design is all about adding a subtle dash of glitter, instead of overpowering your nails with sparkle. Think of this look as sprinkling some powdered sugar on top of a cupcake, which is perfect for a festive holiday look! To really let the sparkle stand out, opt for a darker toned polish as a base!

Matte nail polish

Make it Matte
Matte nail polish has been around for a bit, but it’s definitely making a comeback. This nail trend is super-easy to achieve: just purchase a matte nail top coat, and get your favorite polish to transform into a velvety finish! Another tip: try incorporating one of the trends listed above, and apply a matte top coat to change up the look and texture of the nail art!

+ Tell us in the comments what’s your favorite style and which of these nail art designs you want to try first!

Images: Pinterest
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