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Easy Nail Art That Will Make Your Hands Pop

I will be the first to admit that my nail art skills are seriously below par. If I can make it through a base, color, and top coat without smudging my nails, I consider it a rare personal victory. So when the nail art craze started a few years back, I knew that with the exception of shelling out some dough to get it professionally done, I was going to have to release myself from the game.

Then came a tidal wave of nail stickers! #OOTD Nail Stickers are a great substitution for anyone who wants to rock negative space nail art, but may lack the necessary skills. The Modern Art Bling Stickers have a bit of an Andy Warhol, pop art vibe and are super retro and cute, and the Hollywood Valley Girl Stickers have a silly, lighthearted 90’s vibe.

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Hollywood Valley Girl Stickers

When it comes to applying the stickers, you can either put them on top of your nail polish or on top of a clear, base coat. Then using the aid of tweezers, place the desired sticker on your nail. After that, just apply two layers of clear top coat and you’re all done! It couldn’t be easier!

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Modern Art Bling Stickers

I decided to use my nail stickers on top of polished nails, so I went with one of my summer staples, Essie’s Geranium. It’s such a sunny, happy color that will help the nail stickers pop. For my base and top coat, I’m using Treat Collection’s Fast Drying Top Coat and their Base Coat.

The nail stickers are not only easy to use, they’re a perfect late summer accessory without breaking the bank. If you’re hitting up any bachelorette parties in the near future, slip them into your bag because they’ll definitely get used (there are over 100 on a sheet so plenty of stickers to go around)!

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