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SOKO SECRET: Park Eun Kyung of Unistella

Park Eun Kyung is the mastermind behind all the latest nail trends in Korea, including her famous shattered glass nails.   Since then, she’s successfully launched her own nail art accessories and stickers. The Klog caught up with her in Seoul to get an expert’s Soko Secret. 

I love black. I like accessories, bracelets. I love earrings—I make them myself. I almost feel uncomfortable when I don’t wear any.

I don’t actually like a lot of makeup. When I put on a lot of eyeliner or eyeshadow, I don’t feel like myself. Today I’m wearing a Chanel BB cream I got as a gift. I’ve been noticing I need that little extra coverage lately. I also love Marc Jacobs’ foundation and this Urban Decay eyeliner I bought when was in New York.

If there’s a special occasion, I’ll get my makeup done by an artist. I always ask them to use shading. And I have dark circles, so I ask them to cover that up.

Jun Ji-hyunSong Hye Gyo—because they look so natural and don’t go heavy on the makeup.

I love Brooklyn. The third time I went to New York, I made a point to go on the subway. I went to Brooklyn, and when I came out, it was like I was in another world. There were guitars and graffiti everywhere. I felt like I was in a movie. I still want to go back and explore some more.

Korean Life
I always thought I had the palate of a non-Korean. I loved pizza, pasta, hamburgers. But when I went to New York, I realized that I am totally Korean. I felt like a total country bumpkin, but I honestly couldn’t eat New York food. Everyone told me get Shake Shack, and I just couldn’t handle it. The next time I went to New York, I brought Korean food with me—ramen, kimchi, red pepper paste, cookies, et cetera.

The Secret
Always use sunscreen on your hands. When you’re applying SPF to your face, just make sure you also use it on your hands as well—it’s an area that actually gets more sun exposure than your face. My friend, who’s still pretty young, had wrinkles and brown spots on her hands, and her dermatologist told her it was from sun exposure. We were both so surprised. But you know, those spots weren’t created overnight. So it’s about daily prevention. They always say you should take care of our neck and hands, and I think it’s so true.

Photo by Alex Finch

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