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The Easy Nail Sticker Manicures Korean Girls Love

When it comes to having the coolest nail art, Korean girls take the top spot. Case in point: glass nails, dry flower nails, and wire nails. But those trends take a lot of hard work and talent to execute—not to mention the time you have to book with the manicurist. What if you want to channel cool-girl Korean nails on your own? It’s totally possible. Here’s how to create the easy nail sticker manicures Korean girls love using the Modi x Unistella nail stickers.

Eun Kyun Park, who is also known as Unistella on Instagram, partnered with Korean nail polish brand Modi Nail to create a collection of nail stickers, and they are super cute:
I’m going to show you how you can create a super cute DIY manicure that’s perfect for lazy girls (like me).
You see, I hardly ever have my nails done because I don’t have the patience to go the nail salon every two weeks and I also really suck at painting my own nails. So these Modi x Unistella nail stickers were a godsend when I saw them. All I had to do was stick the jewels on my bare nails in whatever pattern I liked, paint over them, and voila! I have a really pretty manicure that costs $5. I chose to use these cool space-themed Modi x Unistella nail stickers:
First, I simply peeled off the stickers and stuck them on my nail in a pattern I liked, like so:
Then, I painted over the stickers with a clear top coat. I used about three coats to fully cover the stickers. Note: I used a regular top coat and my manicure lasted a good four days before some stickers started falling off. A better option might be to use a sturdier top coat, like the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat (it will lock the stickers in place better).
This whole process took no more than ten minutes and there’s no actual nail color polish needed! Here’s the final look:
Of course, the Modi nail stickers aren’t the only stickers in the game. If you’re an art buff and you’re looking for the perfect stickers to channel your inner Andy Warhol, check out the #OOTD Nail Stickers in Modern Art Bling. Or if you’re a snack junkie, the #OOTD Nail Stickers in Hollywood Valley Girl include the cutest little hamburgers and popsicles.
And if you’d like to be ambitious and put the stickers over actual painted nails, that looks really cool too! Here’s an adorable gel version:

A post shared by HYEJIN? (@kkanghyejin) on

And here’s what another set of Korean nail stickers looks like on bare nails:

A post shared by @haeri_nails on

Quick tip: Don’t forget to pamper your cuticles before you do this manicure! Since you might not be wearing any color polish, you’ll want to make sure your natural nails look as healthy as possible. The Kocostar Nail Therapy includes ten finger-shaped sheet masks infused with botanical essence to prevent nail splitting and peeling. Just place each little mask over your nail, wait about 15 minutes, and you’ll have stronger nails that’ll be totally ready for your DIY nail sticker manicure.

+ What do you think of this super easy manicure using Modi x Unistella nail stickers? Let us know below!

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