At Soko Glam, our goal is to inspire good skin habits. We believe skin care is a personal journey that should evolve with you and with our trusted curations, we’re here to guide you through that process for only good (skin) days ahead.
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The Klog is an educational, skin care resource site that offers personalized recommendations, giving everyday people the resources they need to have a deeper understanding of their skin. Skin care is not a one size fits all process and neither is The Klog. 

We take pride in providing useful, diagnostic-focused (both dermatology backed and peer reviews) and compelling content, meaning that when we feature a product or trend, we do so because we sincerely believe that you will see results.

Skin care is personal, so let’s get it right. 

The Klog was born in 2013 as a small part of Soko Glam where co-founder and esthetician Charlotte Cho could share skin care tips and give deep-dive reviews of her favorite K-beauty products and since then has quickly become more than that. Today, The Klog reaches beyond the Soko Glam shelves and  beyond K-beauty, because Korean beauty is bigger than just a trend, it’s a mindset that can be applied to all things skin care.

Whether you’re a skin care novice discovering the double-cleanse method for the first time, or a pro experimenting with chemical exfoliants, consider us a resource, guide, and friend who is here with and for you every step of the way.

The Klog is a Soko Glam project.

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