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Pear Nova Interview

Quick Tips for Perfect Nails with Rachel James of Pear Nova

Nail care has been top of mind for us lately, and not just because it’s been months since we’ve seen the inside of a nail salon. There’s a whole lot of joy that comes from looking down at our hands and seeing freshly manicured nails (or at least something other than chipped polish and unruly cuticles). We spoke to Rachel James – founder and CEO of premium nail polish line, Pear Nova – for a roundup of quick, doable tips to get your nail care game in check. Read on for her best recommendations for upping your at-home manicures and hand care. 

We’ve been crushing on so many nail art images on Instagram lately! What nail trends do you think we’ll be seeing a lot of? Are there any on-trend designs that are easy to emulate at home? 

I’ve been seeing tons of minimal and abstract nail art that are both easy to recreate. A simple option I love to do is painting each hand (or nail!) a different color. You can create lots of different subtle or bold effects easily.

Any tips for extending the life of an at-home mani?

Something to keep in mind while doing your nails at home is to let each coat dry [about 10 minutes] before you add another coat, and always cap the end of your nails to prevent chipping!

We’ve been washing our hands a lot lately, which leads to super dry and cracked cuticles. Do you have any tips to help keep cuticles and nail beds moisturized? Or products you love? 

I use Pear Nova Growth Green Tea Cuticle Oil nightly to keep my cuticles healthy. It gives just the right amount of moisture without being too oily and the scent is light and fresh.

We’ve been interested in supplements for nails lately; do you think they work? Do you have any other tips for growing out nails?

They do! I’ve taken biotin supplements for my hair and nail health and saw good results – stronger nail beds, and less breakage – when taking the supplements on a consistent basis.

The worst feeling is getting a fresh manicure and then chipping it just a couple days later! What are some of the best ways to keep a mani alive?

Using a base coat and top coat will prolong the life of your manicure. You can also add another layer of your top coat a few days later. My biggest tip for this is always making sure to cap the end of the nail with a top coat for added protection – this step is essential to help the longevity of your manicure.

Thanks so much for your insight, Rachel! To keep in the loop about all things nails and Pear Nova, follow them on Instagram @pearnova.

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