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Tattoo Nails Are The Coolest Nail Art Trend

You know all those nail art ideas you bring to your manicurist every month? Most of those come from insanely talented Korean nail artists. In our new series Nail Report, we’ll shine a light on the biggest and coolest nail art trends coming straight from Seoul. This week we’re focusing on tattoo nails: the coolest Korean nail trend right now.

Two weeks ago, our nail report brought you the delicate and beautiful dry flower nails. This week, we’re getting a bit edgier. Please welcome tattoo nails! Brought to you by the team at Unistella (the same Korean nail art masters of dry flower nails), these nails literally look like tattoos were etched onto them. Hee Eunhee, a manicurist at Unistella, brought our attention to tattoo nails with this fun design:

Eunhee also calls these particular tattoo nails “emoji nails,” which totally makes sense. We love how they express multiple facets of someone’s personality with different emojis. You’ve got a cute moon on one nail and those wide eyeballs you text someone when you’re shocked about something they just said:

If you’re not really into the idea of wearing your favorite emojis on your nails, you can always go the minimalist route. A few months ago, Eun Kyun Park designed this awesome pared-down version of tattoo nails featuring suns and moons:

But perhaps if you were to get a tattoo, you would get one of flowers. Then you’ll love Eunhee’s floral nail tattoos:

It looks as if Eunhee and Park use their insane talent to hand paint all of these “tattoos.” But if you’re trying to evoke a tattoo-like look and you don’t have the same skills as the Unistella girls or you don’t have access to a nail artist, you could always try nail stickers.
We recently tested the Modi x Unistella nail stickers and found them to be really easy to use. We stuck them on our bare nails, painted over them with a clear top coat, and they looked almost as cool as the custom nail tattoo nail art the Unistella team creates:

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In the meantime, we’re happy staring at the Unistealla tattoo nails all day:

+ What do you think of tattoo nails? What’s your favorite nail art trend? Share below!

Main photo credit: @hee_unistella

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