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neon sign nails

You’re Going to See Neon Sign Nails Everywhere This Summer

You know all those nail art ideas you bring to your manicurist every month? Most of those come from insanely talented Korean nail artists. In our new series Nail Report, we’ll shine a light on the biggest and coolest nail art trends coming straight from Seoul. This week we’re focusing on neon sign nails, the nail art trend that’s made for summer.

Another day, another amazing Korean nail art trend from the girls over at Unistella Studio in Seoul. They’ve given us dry flower nails, tattoo nails, and wire nails. Now, prepare yourself for neon sign nails. These are jet black nails that are designed with glowy neon images or words on them:

As the name suggests, neon sign nails are meant to mimic neon signs you see on storefronts, but we love how the Unistella team gives them a summery vibe with flamingos and palm trees:

You can even get a neon sign nail pedicure:

And if all black isn’t your thing, you could try out the neon sign nail art trend by just having one accent nail:

Or you could put neon nail art over a bright color, like hot pink:

To create the neon sign nails, the team at Unistella meticulously hand paints each neon design using special polish:

Whichever neon sign nail art version you go with, you’ll be wearing this summer’s best nail art trend.

+ Would you try neon sign nails? Let us know in the comments!

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