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Romance Is a Bonus Book K-drama Fashion

The Best Fashions From Our Latest K-Drama Obsession – And Where You Can Get the Exact Outfits Seen on Screen

One of the reasons we love K-dramas so much? The fashion! Here we highlight our favorite looks from the recent mini-series Romance Is a Bonus Book.

The K-drama mini-series Romance Is a Bonus Book came to an end earlier this month. It aired simultaneously on Netflix and tvN (a South Korean television channel), making the show popular with international fans, including myself.
The series followed Kang Da Ni, a once successful copywriter who had trouble returning to the workforce after her divorce due to her career break. After being repeatedly told she is overqualified for entry level positions, she ends up minimizing her impressive career and educational background on her resume to secure a position at a publishing house as a temporary worker. There she is pursued by two younger men and gets to learn about the touching personal stories of her coworkers. Da Ni is played by Lee Na Young, a seasoned actress who herself is returning to the screen after nine years!
The fashion seen in K-dramas is always drool-worthy and the looks in Romance Is a Bonus Book are no exception. As the show aired, I found myself endlessly searching both Google and Naver (Korean’s favorite search platform) for piece after piece that caught my attention on screen.
Da Ni has a Cinderella moment early in the series where she is gifted a shopping spree at a trendy boutique that allows her to update her interview uniform of black skirt suits to a new one that better fits in at her creative workplace. Her new wardrobe is colorful and full of fun patterns and intrestering cuts and I looked forward to seeing her new outfits every episode.
Da Ni’s coworker and friendly rival in love, Song Hae-Rin, played by Jung Yoo-ji, is the hardworking assistant manager of the editorial team who is quickly climbing up the ranks of the company. Her fashion throughout the series is pretty and classic and it’s obviously struck a chord with viewers; on Naver, Hae-Rin’s style is currently one of the top search results for actress Jung Yoo-jin.
Whether you tend to lean towards bright pieces in your wardrobe like Da Ni or more elegant pieces like Hae-Rin, the series is sure to give you some major fashion inspiration. Below, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite looks from the show, plus links to where you can buy them for yourself.
Romance Is a Bonus Book K-drama FashionMuch of the series takes place in the workplace and both Da Ni and Hae-Rin have impeccable office style. My favorites include the Sacai shirt dress that Da Ni wore in episode 11 that actually made me pause the screen to admire the details. The shirt dress has an attached cut-out sweater and buckle details, making the look truly unique. 
Romance Is a Bonus Book K-drama FashionAnd for Hae-Rin, I’m still obsessed with the matching houndstooth suit by Instantfunk she wears in episode two when she’s introduced in the series. She pairs her matching separates with a black turtleneck and the whole look just exudes boss vibes.Romance Is a Bonus Book K-drama FashionDa Ni receives many gifts from her childhood best friend and love interest, Cha Eun Ho, played by Lee Jong Suk, but this necklace that he gifts to her in episode nine is one that shows up again and again and helps to signify their changing relationship throughout the series. It’s a dainty “x”  meaning “kisses” that’s flanked with a small stone and is perfect for everyday wear. 
Romance Is a Bonus Book K-drama Fashion
Hae Rin also has a consistent jewelry preference throughout the series and it’s pearls. More modern takes on pearl jewelry have been trending and ramping up for Spring 2019 and the Alainn ‘cool-girl’ pearls that Hae Rin wears in episode nine not only look great with her put-together office wardrobe, but could easily accessorize edgier or more casual weekend looks.
Romance Is a Bonus Book K-drama Fashion
The best part of winter K-drama fashion are all of the coats! Characters have an endless supply of coats and wear different ones each episode. Da-Ni was pretty in a pink checked Golden Goose coat during episode 10 for a pivotal ~romantic~ moment and I just love how cozy the oversized fit looks. Hae-Rin also wears an oversized Musee coat that caught my eye in episode five (above). It’s a soft beige shearling coat. Beige is super trendy right now and she styles the coat open with a white turtleneck and her hair down looking like a literal angel!Romance Is a Bonus Book K-drama Fashion
A lighthearted but memorable scene, is when Hae Rin in episode 13 buys Ji Seo-joon, played by Wi Ha-joon, an apology cake but can’t remember where he lives to deliver it to him. Again, our Hae Rin is wearing another trendy spring color and it’s this beautiful mint green Jaiguru Devaom bag.
Each character in the series had their own unique fashion style and it was a pleasure to see all the fashion eye candy in each episode as the highs and lows of the drama’s plot played out.

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