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22 year old Korean model Rim Le Ah uses a tinted moisturizer, a bright red lip, and eyebrow mascara Korean chicken fries on a champagne colored paper food wrappers

SOKO SECRET: Rim Le Ah, 22, Model

I love attention, so I like to wear a bright red lip or clothes that are truly unique and eye-catching. I get my style inspiration just by people-watching while commuting or sitting at a cafe.

When I’m wearing too much makeup, I don’t look refined or elegant. Other than a bright red lip, I’m always wearing minimal makeup. Most days I use a tinted moisturizer, eyebrows and eyebrow mascara. That’s it!

My older sister is interested in beauty so I get most of my advice and tips from her. But I’m afraid to buy new skincare products because I’m really sensitive. Right now I’m using Physiogel lotion and the Hera UV Mist Cushion. For my double cleanse, I don’t use an oil cleanser! Instead I use a cleansing water that has calendula extracts from Neogen. Then I use a foaming cleanser.

The Secret
I try to use a hydrating sheet mask everyday, but I also use the whites of an egg to make a homemade acne mask. After applying the egg white, I let it mingle with my skin for about 20 minutes and then I wash if off. This egg mask has helped me clear up acne.

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