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5 Korean Fashion Trends That Should Be In Your Life Right Now

Stylenanda is the Korean fashion mecca from which I base all my life decisions. OK, when I say life decisions, I totally mean sartorial choices. Perfect in so many ways, Stylenanda is Zara’s enigmatic, youthful cousin who is willing to take twice the risks at an equally affordable price point. Unfortunately, this cousin also takes a little longer to arrive to the party, but if you’re patient, she’ll make sure you’ll light up the room. If a trend is on Stylenanda, I can be sure that my local Korean fashion boutiques will follow suit. That means that one way or another, one of these pieces will be making their way into my closet and hopefully yours.


1. Pajama Inspired

If you are all about comfort, then this style is made for you. Go from the coziness of your bed to the streets in seconds (but at least brush your teeth first). These blouses, with piping and rounded collars, take inspiration from the luxe silk PJ look, while adding the cutest embroidery to take your top to the next level.

Embroidered Pajama Blouse / Stylenanda

2. Slippers + Socks

By now, we’ve all heard of sandals with socks. Usually, you’re either team ‘yes please!’ or team ‘hell no, hard pass’ and this look is equally as polarizing. My take? Live a little. While some looks go ALL OUT with fur slides and a pop of colour, style queen Rihanna opts for something more subtle. Want to give it a go without going all the way? Try a sheer sock for something a little less daring, but just as cute.

Tasseled Faux Fur Slippers / Stylenanda

Credit: Rihanna Stance sock collection

3. The Loose Overall

I’ve been living in a variation of this all my life, so naturally could not contain my excitement when these babies started popping up in all my favorite stores. My top picks are extra loose and include pockets, so I can conceal all my snacks and not have to unbutton after a particularly heavy meal. Looks great with a crop or off-­the-­shoulder top.


Scalloped Drawstring Jumpsuit / Stylenanda

Baggy Jumper / Durumi


4. The Long Shirt

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? It’s kinda both and I’m totally feeling it. Paired with jeans or shorts, the long shirt says modest, but simultaneously avant garde. Wear a button down style open over your favorite tank top, or throw one over your overalls for that effortless je ne sais quoi.

Long Slit Button-Down Shirt / Stylenanda


Long Slit Accent V-Neck Dress Navy / Stylenanda


5. Dress Layering

Autumn is fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean you have to store all your summer dresses away. The solution? Grab a t-shirt and wear it underneath. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. From plain tees to mock turtlenecks, the options are endless. Dress down a lace dress with sneakers and a loose tee, or give a spaghetti strap dress new life with an off-the-shoulder top.


Scalloped See Through Lace Dress / Stylenanda


Off Shoulder Top & Fringed Pinafore Dress Set / Stylenanda


+Which of these looks will you be rocking to all your end ­of ­summer BBQs?

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