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Soo Joo Park, Korean model

Three Korean Models You Need To Know

As South Korea affirms its status as one of the leading innovators in beauty, it’s only natural that they’re killing it in the world of modeling too. From runways to multimillion dollar campaigns, these Korean models know how to make everything look good. They also remind the little girl in me that despite what the movies and magazines might’ve once implied, Asians are beautiful—and that’s something everyone should know.

Kiko Mizuhara
This half Korean half American model spent most of her life in Japan. Not only has she appeared on countless magazine covers, she’s also a talented actress, appearing in movies like Norwegian Wood, Attack on Titan, and Helter Skelter. If that wasn’t enough, Kiko also designed womenswear for Opening Ceremony, worn by both Beyoncé and Rihanna. Basically, she is living the life.

Kiko Mizuhara, Korean model, editorial for Nylon magazine Japan.

Kiko Mizuhara for Opening Ceremony on the left. Right: Editorial for Nylon Japan. (Via @i_am_kiko)


No makeup, no problem especially with a face like this. (Via Hypebeast)

Kiko Mizuhara Korean Models

The bob that changed my life. (Via @i_am_kiko)

Kiko Mizuhara Korean Model

Killing those red lips. (Via @i_am_kiko)


Park Sora
Park Sora is the reason I visit Stylenanda (well, that and the clothes, the makeup…). Raised in Seoul, rumor has it that she started out as a member of a girlband that didn’t quite make it. Luckily for her, that meant bigger and better things, like inspiring me to irrationally spend half my paycheck on a clothing website.

Korean model Park Sora

I love everything about this. (Via

Korean model Park Sora

Rocking it in a bomber jacket on the left and one of my first “blonde Asian” inspirations on the right. (Via and @sora_pppp)

Korean model Park Sora

Why orange blush is a thing. (Via


Soo Joo Park
This list would not be complete without Soo Joo Park, the most badass Korean American model on the block. Those striking features, that piercing stare, that signature blonde hair… Whoops, didn’t mean to rhyme on you, but it’s pretty easy to wax poetic about Soo Joo. As the first Asian American spokesperson for L’Oréal, Soo Joo has been knocking down doors and starring in campaigns aplenty (Tom Ford, Chanel and M.A.C to name a few). Here are some pictures of Soo Joo that give me life.

Soo Joo Park, Korean model

For the brand new Michael Kors “The Walk” campaign. (Via

Soo Joo Park, Korean model

Bossy glam for L’Officiel Thailand on the left and giving Kim K. a run for her wet-hair look money on the right. (Via and @soojmooj)

Soo Joo Park, Korean model

At Alexandre Vauthier’s backstage on the left and showing off her cool “model off-duty” style. (Via @soojmooj)

+ Love Kiko, Sora and Soo Joo as much as we do? Is there someone else we need to be following on Instagram? Tell us in the comments.

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