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The Point of Point Sheet Masks

Sometimes I imagine that in Korea, there is an underground R&D skin lab filled with mad scientists that burn the midnight oil cooking up super creative ways to sheet mask. Clearly it’s the only valid explanation as to why there is always something new and improved when I shop for sheet masks in Seoul. And I go every 2-3 months.

My last trip to Korea, I stumbled across the newest sheet mask creations at a store A-Land, a fashion and lifestyle shop that reminds me of Urban Outfitters, and I had to try them. They’re from a brand called Kocostar, which I’ve had great success with before, so it didn’t take much convincing for me to pop them in my basket and check out.


I consider these sliced masks in the “point sheet mask” category, because they’re essentially miniature sheet masks that are designed to highlight and treat sections of your face (or body). I have been obsessed with the idea of point sheet masks because without fail, the design is adorable.

The best part is the fact that they are entirely customizable. It gives you the freedom to give the skin on your face some sheet mask love, and treat an ashy elbow or a wrinkly hand at the same time too.


Kocostar made their point sheet masks into refreshing cucumber, lemon and tomato slices. They’re all drenched in super hydrating and nutritious extracts that my skin slurped up. Most importantly they adhere well to your skin because they’re made out of this stretchy and super thin microfiber, so you can move without restraint. I prefer the sweet scent of cucumbers for the cooling and hydrating effects and the tangy lemon slices for the brightening effect.


I’ve found these masks particularly useful for those who have extremely dry patches on certain areas of their face and don’t want to hydrate the parts that are already in good shape.


For intense hydration, I found that using their Rose Petals Face Mask is like literally laying in a bed of rose petals. Sure, in certain selfie angles, it may look a bit like you’ve just salami-ed yourself, but if anyone asks, just tell them that salami skincare is the next big thing!

+ I’m obsessed with point masks. Share your favorites with me!

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