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Conquer Post-pimple Pigmentation with The Klog’s new Soft Shield Pigment Patch 

Calling all skincare lovers who adore our Original Soft Shield Pimple Patch – your next obsession has arrived! 

Let’s face it, battling stubborn post-pimple pigmentation marks can be frustrating. But worry not, because we’ve got your back (and your face) covered! Meet The Klog Soft Shield Pigment Patch, the ultimate sidekick for tackling post-pimple pigmentation and dark spots. A near-invisible hydrocolloid patch infused with Tranexamic Acid & Allium Cepa extract that serves as a protective covering and targeted treatment for post-pimple pigmentation and dark spots. Made from the same 100% vegan hydrocolloid as our original patches with a beveled edge to keep patches secured while they move with your skin, and adhesive enough to stay put on oily skin & overnight.

Now that you’ve met our newest patch, let’s plunge into the remarkable benefits and ingredients that truly sets it apart.

💜 100% Vegan Hydrocolloid allows for a barely visible patch while effectively absorbing impurities and secretions beneath the skin’s surface. 

💜 Tranexamic Acid is renowned for its gentle yet effective ability to fade pigmentation.

💜 Allium Cepa Extract is recognized for its proven capability to visibly reduce the appearance of scars.

We didn’t just stop at the lab coats – we sent our patches out into the real world and let them mingle with everyday people. The verdict? Visibly reduced pigmentation and scarring in just 4 weeks!

How To Use: Apply patches towards the tail end of an active breakout and for up to four weeks, effectively targeting post-pimple pigmentation in its tracks. Remove the patches after 8-12 hours.

The Soft Shield Pimple Patch vs. Soft Shield Pigment Patch: A Comparison

Both share a beveled edge and strong adherence to fit facial contours. These patches discreetly absorb impurities while preventing picking, thus aiding the skin’s natural healing process. The Soft Shield Pimple Patch, tailored for active breakouts, accelerates recovery, while the Soft Shield Pigment Patch, formulated with tranexamic acid and Allium cepa extract, targets post-pimple pigmentation and scars. The Pigment Patch’s tranexamic acid fades pigmentation, and Allium cepa extract minimizes scar appearance. Choose the Pimple Patch during breakouts and the Pigment Patch for post-pimple care.

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