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Discover Missha: Innovative Skincare Rooted in Science, Clinically-Proven for Radiant Skin!

Driven by innovation and inspired by the vitality of your skin’s microbiome, Missha reintroduces themselves with a sensational lineup of products that will revolutionize your skincare routine.

By supporting the microorganisms that inhabit our skin’s surface, the microbiome, we build overall health-driven skincare routines. As the esteemed board-certified dermatologist Dr. Nazarian puts it “Skincare that focuses on your skin’s microbiome is the wave of the future.” We dive into three of our newest Missha products featuring cutting-edge formulations that support a radiant complexion with unparalleled scientific compositions.

🌾 Time Revolution The First Essence Enriched $44 🌾

Utilizing their “ Pro Ferment a™ Processing Method”  cold and hot fermentation melds together to a phospholipid form to maximize “skin-friendliness” and boost the absorption of active ingredients into the skin.

This innovative technique allows for a more efficient delivery of topicals, including the nourishing benefits of Ceramides. In addition to boosting absorption, the Time Rewind Technology also utilizes probiotic activators that strengthen the skin’s barrier, building a healthy and resilient complexion. 

❣️ Time Revolution Red Algae Treatment Essence $42 ❣️

The Red Algae Treatment Essence uses fermented ingredients like probiotic lysate and Irish Moss extract to clinically reduce skin sensitivity and increase resistance against external stressors. Probiotics work to balance your immune response, helping to soothe inflammation. By incorporating this ingredient into your routine, you can rebuild and actually strengthen your skin’s protective barrier. This product is particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skin, urban-dwellers facing environmental stressors and those prone to acne.

🔮 Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule Cream 5X $42 🔮

Clinical studies have shown that the Night Repair Ampoule Cream can visibly improve signs of aging, dullness and pigmentation in only ten hours of use. It’s best used before bed, when your skin goes into its natural repair mode, regenerating without the impact of daily stressors as you sleep.

The key to its efficacy lies in the Extreme Biome, a powerful blend of 10 probiotics obtained through fermentation. This potent combination brightens the skin, evens out the tone, and reinforces the skin barrier to combat damage. Moreover, the Purple Energy Blend, featuring extracts from purple carrot, purple cabbage, eggplant, beetroot, and blueberries, exhibits anti-aging properties while providing protection against environmental damage.

This newly added trio of exceptional skincare from Missha has cemented the brand as scientific marvels whose innovative formulations offer unparalleled results. Experience the visible transformation for yourself and shop these skincare holy grails on Soko Glam.

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