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Female Founder Spotlight: Superegg’s Founder on the Power of the Egg and Ritual of Skin Care 

Erica Choi teaches us about the ancient history of eggs in skin care, and how this natural superfood represents perfect balance.

When you think of skin care ingredients, an egg may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But for Superegg founder Erica Choi, eggs have always been a central component of her life and a key component of her and her family’s beauty rituals. Not only do eggs represent perfect balance—egg white, yolk, and eggshell—but they symbolize birth and are beautiful in their simplicity. 

Eggs were the inspiration behind Superegg, and they’re also a key ingredient in the brand’s products. Each is intended to elevate your skin care ritual, bringing meaning and balance to both your complexion and mental well-being. 

We connected with Choi to learn more about how Superegg came to be, why she believes skin care is such an important daily ritual, and why the egg is such a core focus for the brand. 

How did you get into the beauty industry? 

I’ve always had a close relationship with beauty, stemming from childhood memories from my Korean upbringing. Eggs were used as part of a beauty ritual, and I’ve grown up observing my grandmother and mother apply different parts of the eggs onto their faces during our bathhouse visits in Korea. Historically, this reaches back to egg-based beauty practices from the first millennium in Asia, where eggs have played a storied role in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese beauty practices. 

I sought internships at Aveda, Teen Vogue, and Razorfish during my university years because I wanted to work in the fashion and beauty industry. Upon graduation, I built my professional career at a few digital agencies, where I worked on UI/UX design for many beauty brands. The six-plus years I’ve spent at Barneys New York, and my 10-year career as a content creator, also gave me great exposure to the industry, where I could build relationships and work with amazing people and brands. I also obtained my New York esthetician license to gain greater insight into skin and how to care for various types and tones. 

What inspired you to start your own brand?

Since childhood, the ritual of caring for my skin has been one factor in my life that has brought me comfort. However, living in NYC and in a world where everything is so fast-paced and extra, I wanted to create products that brought calm and serenity to my everyday. I like to call it ‘mindful minimalism,’ and I strive for both the formulations and packaging to align with this philosophy. 

Superegg products feel special while bringing efficacious results over time, addressing the skin’s overall health for long-term benefits. It is a thoughtful brand of well-balanced products centered around caring for the skin. We focus on sophisticated formulations that nourish the skin, so it is always in its healthiest, luminous state. Every time you cleanse or apply your skin care routine, it should also feel like a ritual of self-care. It is a small reminder to live life with intention and see beauty even in the simplest moments. 

Why are eggs a key focal point for the brand? 

I have a long affinity and connection to eggs, and I was aware of all their nutritional values. To me, eggs symbolize birth, and each new day is an opportunity to reset and start anew. Our idea was to take this inspiration to a higher level. Smooth, egg-like balanced skin starts from within, and with a harmony of nutrition and design, each component of an egg—the egg white, yolk, and eggshell—is a graceful expression of balance. 

The self-balancing figure of Danish poet and scientist Piet Hein’s Superegg, a form representing a beautiful expression of balance, also greatly inspired us. Superegg’s pillars are based on balance and holistic well-being for people and the planet. We respect the past, present, and future. 

With our vegan egg duplexes and tried-and-true Asian botanicals, I can tell my story about my heritage and culture to open up certain dialogues. Creating synergy with incredible modern-day clinically active ingredients, we can offer the best to our community today. As we move into the future, it is more and more vital to think sustainably and strive to do good for our environment. We only have one planet, after all. 

What’s the biggest challenge you have faced as a founder?

In true Virgo fashion, I am a perfectionist and a planner. The most challenging thing I’ve faced over the past year as a founder is that many things are out of my control. I’ve learned to pivot, let go, and find alternative actions. 

[Another challenge] is also facing additional struggles with mental health that may come my way. As an empath, I can be quite sensitive at times, but I’ve indeed grown stronger. However, it’s all about balance. As beauty and skin care are also very personal, and we are in the service industry, our priority is helping others find what works best for their skin. It’s about building a community and being a dependable source for our community. 

Put us in your shoes. What does an average day in your life look like?

I like to start my day washing my face with our Gentle Elements Cleansing Foam ($34). It’s the creamiest softening cleanser with a light relaxing scent that truly marks the start and end of each day. I follow with Kind Atmosphere Biome Mist ($28), an antioxidant serum or Tonal Scenery Reparative Serum ($72), eye cream, Sound Renewal Moisturizer ($60), and SPF, whether I am going out that day or not. I then make myself a drip coffee or matcha, but my husband has been lovely about making me an incredible latte with my beloved barista blend Oatly in the mornings lately. 

I then go into work mode. Every day can be pretty routine, or it can be quite drastically different. Much of my work can be done remotely, such as shooting and posting content, engaging with our community, or answering emails, many times the difference is just the setting. Since I started content creation a decade ago, my days have been committed to creating. Now, it is combined with creating for Superegg. I create everything from photographs to planning content for the brand’s social accounts to ideating and developing future product launches. Responding to emails also takes ample time. It is responding to vendors, partners, influencers, press, operations, and much more. When I am working from home, I see when the light is best in my space and take product photography. I prefer to work from home but try to make it into the office once or twice a week. I will step out for an hour or two for a meeting or a weekly yoga or pilates class in the neighborhood. 

[At the end of the day], I have dinner with my husband and catch up on my Korean dramas or Netflix. After dinner, I light a candle and make myself tea. I have the shows running in the background while I hop on my laptop, edit photos, and engage on social media. I work late into the night as our vendors in Korea start to wake up and respond to emails and calls. 

Calling it a night is probably the hardest as there’s always so much more to do. However, listening to your body is important, and I let myself sleep as much as needed unless there’s something scheduled early the following morning. 

What are some of your favorite beauty products at the moment?

I love anything soothing, brightening, and products that aid my hyperpigmentation. I’ve found alternating mild exfoliants and gentle retinol in my nighttime routine throughout the week to be effective and non-irritating for my sensitive skin. I’ve also been really into hybrid sunscreen formulas lately. They usually offer complete SPF 50 protection and combine the best of both worlds. I also always have a sun stick in my bag. I reach for it every few hours and find it easiest to apply throughout the day as I don’t need to use my hands and don’t mess with my makeup if I have any on. 

Can you fill us in on what’s next for Superegg? 

I want to embrace more discussions around inclusivity, acceptance, and the importance of mental health and holistic wellness. Our motto is “Be a good egg,” and I want us to come together for the greater good. I see a brand portfolio of beautiful, efficacious products created with the meaningful intention that helps you achieve healthy, radiant skin, which helps your overall well-being. At Superegg, we want to help empower and encourage you to feel beautiful inside and out, bringing joy to your daily life. 

Intrigued by Superegg? Start with one of these popular products: 

1. Gentle Elements Cleansing Foam ($34) 

Every skin care routine starts with a cleanser, and this gentle foaming wash is the perfect pick. It effectively removes makeup, dirt, and oil while nourishing the skin with the brand’s signature White Duplex™, a scientifically engineered egg white that boasts 22 high-grade vegan ingredients.

2. Sound Renewal Moisturizer ($60) 

This lightweight, gel-cream moisturizer absorbs quickly and nourishes deeply with vital nutrients. It’s formulated with panthenol to strengthen the skin barrier and maintain moisture levels, squalane to hydrate, PHA to gently exfoliate, and nutrient-dense Yolk Duplex™. 

3. Kind Atmosphere Biome Mist ($28) 

Powered by Superegg’s Shell Duplex™, this refreshing mist instantly hydrates and soothes your skin while supporting optimal skin wellness. It’s also formulated with Cicaria™, Bifida Ferment Lysate, and Saccharomyces Ferment Filtrate which help bolster the skin’s immune system by supporting its microbiome. 

4. Tonal Scenery Reparative Serum ($72)

Superegg’s Tonal Scenery Reparative Serum is enriched with potent botanicals and elasticity-boosting actives to help repair, restore, and revive the skin for a healthy radiance. Soft stabilized oil and biome-boosting capsules quickly absorb into the skin to form a protective moisture shield for a velvety-soft, even complexion.

5. Calm Movements Eye & Cheek Mask ($50)

Superegg’s Calm Movements Eye & Cheek Mask is made of innovative hydrogel to cool, soothe, and boost skin elasticity. With a patent-pending, unique and compact mask design, it is ideal for easy mobility. Roomier than a regular eye mask, this mask provides sufficient coverage of both the eye and cheek area.

Still think about eggs the same way after hearing from Erica? Which Superegg products are you most excited to try?

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