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Ingredient Spotlight: Why Apple Cider Vinegar Is Your Next Hair Care Obsession

Here’s why the kitchen staple is going to infiltrate your shower routine.

Despite its sour taste, apple cider vinegar, aka ACV, has been a go-to staple ingredient in many folks’ kitchens for its multi-purpose benefits. From health to cleaning to skin care, ACV can pretty much do it all.

Recently, apple cider vinegar has seen a resurgence in popularity in the hair care world. Before you totally dismiss it, you should hear us out!  ACV has been praised as a favorite at-home solution that helps cleanse, strengthen, and nourish the hair while safely exfoliating and removing any build-up on the scalp. 

Ready to learn just why apple cider vinegar is about to be your new go-to when it comes to cleansing the hair and scalp? We’re shedding light on how much we love this powerhouse ingredient and just why we do, as well as letting you in on how we’re incorporating ACV-infused products into our regular hair-care routine. Let’s get into it!

Apple Cider Vinegar For Hair Care

There are many  good reasons as to why apple cider vinegar has become a formidable ingredient when it comes to health and wellness. 

ACV has a mildly low pH level of 3, making it a go-to ingredient to help detox and exfoliate the scalp without overly stripping it of essential and nourishing oils. The easily-accessible ingredient also contains essential nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin B, which help to stimulate and protect the scalp from environmental aggressors.  

Beyond it’s beneficial compounds and structure, the ingredient is extremely accessible, with bottles of it lining health, wellness, and food stores. This lack of barrier to entry means that many skin care DIY lovers have developed an array of uses for the ingredient- spanning from facial toners to scalp cleansers.

Hair care professionals and dermatologists have also developed a liking for apple cider vinegar! With hair care specialists recommending ACV to clients who suffer from an overly dry or overly oily scalp as an effective possible solution. This recommendation stems from the idea that apple cider vinegar contains antibacterial and antifungal properties, which work together to combat common scalp issues like dandruff and folliculitis. 

Apple Cider Vinegar Product Reccomendations:

Korean hair care brand La’Dor is committing to apple cider vinegar hair care in a big way. Their latest line is ACV inspired and  includes an ACV Vinegar Shampoo, ACV Vinegar Treatment, and an ACV Vinegar Hair Cap

If you’re looking for a shampoo that can give you a deep cleanse without overly stripping your scalp of its natural moisture, the line’s ACV Vinegar Shampoo will totally be your new favorite. This affordable lathers into a soft yet dense foam to remove any dead skin cells from the scalp, preventing buildup and dandruff. The shampoo is also formulated with a blend of 16 different kinds of plant extracts that helps to retain moisture on the scalp.

With color-treated, dry, or dehydrated hair, adding the ACV Vinegar Treatment to your regular hair care regimen will help repair any damage while strengthening your strands.The ACV Vinegar Treatment has a blend of six different kinds of plant extract that is highly concentrated in essential vitamins and four types of vegetable oils to replenish moisture and leave locs glossy.

Final Thoughts: 

Although DIY at-home apple cider vinegar rinses for the hair and scalp are quite popular, you’re probably not going to be a huge fan of it’s potent smell. When the cleansing ingredient is formulated within haircare in the lab, it reduces any irregularities that the ACV you pick up in your local grocery store can hold and helps to tackle that distinctive smell. 

With La’Dor’s new ACV line, you can now have a more luxurious cleansing and detoxifying experience in your very own shower. You know what they say! Happy scalp, happy hair! 

+What’s your favorite hair care ingredient? Drop them down below!

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