SOKO SECRET: Song Youngmi, Korean Air Flight Attendant

By July 1, 2016

I love natural beauty products so I am a little obsessed about the ingredients and what they do for my skin. I frequently check out the app Hwahye. It’s a popular app in Korea because it lists and breaks down all the ingredients that are in your beauty products.  My personal favorite skincare brand is CNP Laboratory. I especially love their Omega sunblock. Cleansing is of course very important to me. As a stewardess, I wear a lot of makeup so I always start with an eye and lip makeup remover before cleansing.

The Secret
The crew and I keep our faces moisturized throughout the flight by regularly using facial mists or coating our skin with a facial oil. We’re pretty busy throughout the flight so there are only 1-2 times we have time to touch up our makeup or moisturize. Age 20’s Essence Cover Pact is the latest cushion craze that is spreading quickly via word-of-mouth amongst our crew. We love it because it provides more coverage than other cushions but it’s also extremely hydrating. The lip stain that is going viral is Etude House’s Color Pop because it lasts forever and doesn’t make your lips flaky. There is always some beauty product of the moment that everyone has in their makeup bag. It’s always fun swapping beauty tips with the crew.