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Introducing: Son & Park

These days the words “dewy” and “glowing” are everywhere. I walk past the large displays in front of Sephora with models looking absolutely natural with the buzzwords cropping up next to them. You see it on the runways in New York and Paris, and I’m sure you too have seen the words “dewy” and “glowing” used to describe skin in every magazine and makeup line.

It’s this transformation of beauty culture that I’m seeing in the U.S. that completely amazes me. Dewy, glowing skin has been a trademark of Korean women for quite some time. Seeing it translated into the Western world so seamlessly is very exciting.

It’s with great pleasure I introduce you two makeup artists that have been at the forefront of dewy, glowing skin—a look that is natural, but luminous. I didn’t know that those two words could stand next to each other until I found Son & Park.

Meet Son Dae-Sik and Park Tae-Yun. They are two artists that have spent their entire lives breathing beauty. Now they are highly regarded as the #1 makeup artists in Korea. They boast an incredible clientele to prove it, serving as the exclusive makeup artists of leading Korean actresses and actors.

When I heard about their personal background, it tugged at my heartstrings. They’re actually old friends that met in high school. Together they discovered that they both had a genuine love for colors, skin care and makeup, so they took a nontraditional route and went all in on beauty and studied the art of makeup.

The dewy look on Jeon Ji Hyun
Son is the official makeup artist for Jeon Ji Hyun


Park Tae Yun 


Son Dae Sik


The rest is history. Passion and hard work paid off. They’re heralded in Korea for bringing the natural, dewy look to life through technique they developed with their own hands (hence, the motif on their logo is a hand + the cursive letters “S and P”), and it become their signature at fashion shows and editorial shoots. The industry fell in love with the duo and their looks. The rest of Korea followed suit, first as a high fashion trend and then made its way to the mainstream. Now I see the rest of the world adapting their glowing and dewy looks.

It was only natural that their own line Son & Park was born. It is a collection that I have fallen in love with over the past year. I find myself constantly reaching for their Beauty Water to freshen up and their Air Cubes to perfect my pout. As their tagline suggests, it is Simply Perfect. And to put it simply, I’m filled with anticipation for what’s to come.

Skin care is ultimately at the forefront of Korean beauty, so I find it very hard to find a brand that is the perfect intersection of skin care and makeup. But Son & Park is just that.

Famous for their “skin first philosophy,” Son & Park are about setting the canvas with good skin care, because it impacts the makeup you put on top. And then it’s all about the amazing textures and complementary colors that follow.

Today I’m proud to introduce Son & Park, now exclusively at Soko Glam.

The first I’d like to introduce you to is the Beauty Water, a cleansing water that is a multi-tasking goddess.

Use it in the morning and night after cleansing, or midday as a refresher to clean and tone, exfoliate and hydrate. And just FYI – the pH on this baby is a very gentle 5 😀

We’re doing something special this time—a special preorder campaign, but only for a limited quantity so snag them while you can!

Look forward to a full review on the Son & Park Beauty Water on Monday! And stay tuned in the coming weeks for more Son & Park curated on Soko Glam!

xx charlotte

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