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Our Muse: Korean Makeup Artist Son Dae Sik of Son & Park

You know the look: People have used words such as “flawless,” “dewy,” and “glowing” to describe it. And it is all of those things—not to mention one of the most popular trends to rule runways across the globe in recent years. It’s the “no makeup, makeup look,” immortalized by Korea’s legendary makeup artists, Son Dae Sik and Park Tae Yun.

The pair got their start as childhood friends and began their astronomical rise to stardom when they broke into the industries of beauty and fashion. Today, in addition to working with Korea’s biggest celebrities, they’re changing the face of makeup with their own brand, Son & Park, combining the best of skin care formulas with contemporary color cosmetics.

Get a glimpse into their process in THE KLOG’s exclusive interview with Son of Son & Park.

THE KLOG: Tell us about your business partner, Park Tae Yun.

SON DAE SIK: Park Tae Yun and I have known each other since we went to school as art majors. It was natural for both of us to pursue a career as makeup artists because we were passionate about the fashion and beauty industries. After working in the industry and perfecting our craft, we dreamt about making our own label.

THE KLOG: We know both of you are the leading makeup artists for all the top celebrities in Korea. Tell us more about how you got there.

SON: I never intended to be a celebrity makeup artist. My work became recognized after working on all types of projects from fashion shows to magazines. Now I have the pleasure to work with a lot of Korea’s leading entertainers like [actress and model] Jeon Ji Hyun.

THE KLOG: Why did you decide to start your own brand?

SON: As a makeup artist, I’ve been able to use such a wide variety of brands. Ultimately we wanted to launch a brand that reflects my expertise in beauty. Our logo is the script “S and P,” which stands for our last names “Son” and “Park”- but it also is the shape and design of a hand, which represents our artistry, created by our own hands.

THE KLOG: How did you decide to work together?

SON: Park Tae Yun and I were thought to be “rivals” in the industry, but we were actually good friends! We were excited to partner because collectively our experience and synergies would make the brand even stronger.

THE KLOG: What was the first product you created for Son & Park?

SON: Our first product was Beauty Water; my philosophy is that in order for your makeup to look flawless, your skin needs to be prepped well before applying primer or base. We wanted Beauty Water to gently cleanse and tone the skin so that the following skin care products could absorb easily. It was also important for us to have a product that could gently exfoliate without stimulating the skin too much. A good beginning always creates a good ending.

THE KLOG: What’s your goal as a brand? We want to make products that are easy to use, something that can help you be the best you can be. The goal is to be simply perfect.

THE KLOG: What product would you like to develop?

SON: Contouring is a subtle way to enhance the facial structure, but in Korea, it’s not easy for women to find the right product for contouring. Many women find contouring difficult. I would like to create a cream-based formula for contouring that is easy to use and will look natural upon application.

THE KLOG: Where and how do you find inspiration when you develop a product?

SON: While I am working—whether I am applying makeup on an actress, working at a fashion show, or on a magazine shoot—I am constantly inspired and come up with new ideas that I want to incorporate in Son & Park.

THE KLOG: What’s the one product you want to recommend to women?

SON: The Air Tint Lip Cube is a must-have item because it is multi-functional. It’s not only for the lips, but it can be used as blush and even eyeshadow. A little goes a long way because the color is so vivid and long-lasting. You can also mix the different Air Cube Lip Tints to make new colors. It’s up to you!

Get a more in-depth look into Son & Park’s philosophy in The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin by Charlotte Cho, out Nov. 10. Shop Son & Park here.

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