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Brand Highlight: Banila Co. It Radiant Line

You guys know I have a soft spot for Banila Co. Their Clean it Zero has been a staple cleanser in my routine for a long time, their lace hydrogel masks are seriously next level, and I am all kinds of obsessed with their It Radiant Melting Foundation.

There are two goals many Koreans are obsessed about achieving with their skin care products.

One is to hydrate to get that dewy, bouncy skin. The second is to have a bright glow so that your skin looks as though it’s lit from within.

These are also my personal skin goals, especially after I recently spotted evidence of pigmentation  (pun intended, unfortunately) along my cheekbones that was never there before.

So I found a few products in Banila Co’s latest It Radiant line that focus on achieving hydration and brightening with some seriously intense and innovative ingredients.

First up is the 10 White Flower Complex that has 10 flower extracts: chamomile, white rose, jasmine, acacia, lily, freesia, lotus, daffodil, edelweiss and iris. Yes, as cheesy as this sounds, your next favorite skin care products use flower power to intensely hydrate and bring moisture to the skin, gently and effectively.

The sleeping pack is a complete treat for my skin, moisturizing and protecting overnight thanks to humectant carob seeds.

The line also contains carob seeds. This is a new ingredient to me so I had to research. Quite honestly they are ugly, little brown seeds that resemble peas. They even come in a pod. But you totally shouldn’t judge an ingredient by the way it looks because these carob seeds in their It Radiant Brightening Sleeping Pack help your skin retain water (like a humectant) and keep your skin in a supple state.

Essence filled with fairy dust. Just kidding. It actually has DIAMOND POWDER!

For that bright glow I was talking about, check out their It Radiant Diamond Brightening Essence. It’s not my typical watery-type essence. This one has a creamy, viscous consistency that is sprinkled with fairy dust, a.k.a. 1 karat DIAMOND POWDER.

You heard me: This essence is infused with diamonds to help brighten the skin and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. And don’t get me started on the It Radiant Eye Cream. That contains finely ground pearls to have that same brightening effect. So, I mean, if you want to shine bright like a diamond (by which I mean GLOW), these products will do the trick.

See the in-depth review on the Banila Co. It Radiant Brightening Eye Cream here!

What about you? What are your favorite Banila Co. products? Have you ever tried products with pearl and or diamond powder? Share your experiences below!

Until later!

xx charlotte

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