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7 Affordable Korean Fashion Trends You Can Shop From Seoul Fashion Week

Seoul Fashion Week just ended and there are some great Korean fashion trends you can easily shop. Check them out below!

The secret no one tells you about fashion trends is that they’re really an ebb and flow. That’s how your mom’s jeans become cool again, and that fuzzy pink bucket hat from middle school is no longer ironic but straight up glam. Each season there are some things on their way out and others on their way in. The best way to shop for runway styles is to find an element of the look you love and then apply it to everyday wear.
Here is a breakdown of what’s still happening in Korean fashion, what’s going to happen, and where you can go to get the look from Korean clothing brands.
Silhouette of the Moment: Cinched Waists and Tailored Suiting
This season brings a bridge between the ever present cinched waist of last season and the new tailored waistline in women’s outerwear and suiting. I’m especially in love with these tailored looks from A. Bell and Kiok!

A post shared by A.Bell (@a.bell_seoul) on

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The belted jacket is another great take on this silhouette. You can shop the trend from Stylenanda here.
Color of the Moment: Deep Coral 
Mustard yellow has been dominating the fashion world and continues to be a hot color this season. That being said, the new color on the block is definitely deep coral. Think of it as the edgier sister of “millennial pink.”

A post shared by eletrikhman (@eletrikhman) on

This wrap dress from Stylenanda is on point. Also check out this more basic slip dress from Kooding:
Shop the trend from Kooding here and Stylenanda here.
Staple of the Moment: Deconstructed Blouse
In the last few years the classic button down has gotten a makeover. The more exaggerated, the better. Moohong has an especially great variation this season of the classic blouse reinvented.

I love this cowl neck striped blouse from Imvely. It’s simple yet elegant and gives you that twist on a classic look:
Shop the trend from Imvely here and Stylenanda here.
Detail of the Moment: Buttons
We’ve seen knots on everything from pants to shoes and they are making yet another wave this Spring/Summer 2018 season. However, the real MVP detail in this season’s shows is the button. Both Bourie and Fleamadonna feature looks with decorative button details or a contrast approach.

The look on the right features a small row of fabric covered buttons. Combined with the silk, it gives a vintage geometric glam look.

A post shared by Monique (@monique_fashion_page) on

Looks 2 and 4 in the Instagram post above shows some of the contrast buttoning in Bourie’s latest collection. If you’re looking for an affordable way to wear buttons, check out this super cute top from Imvely:
korean fashion trends
Shop the trend from Imvely here
Keep an eye out for: Statement Seams
This detail popped up last season but has also made a presence on SS18 runways. It’s fun take on the corset over T-shirt look, and gives you a subtle bodycon effect. These denim looks from Kiok were super on point and included one of my personal favorite looks: the denim dress on the right.

A post shared by Jacq (@jacqlh) on

I love the above denim midi dress since it’s a bit more understated. Shop the trend from Stylenanda here.
Keep an eye out for: The Bandeau Band
The bandeau is definitely my personal favorite layering look of the moment. Out of all the looks this season I think this one is going to stick around for a bit. It’s sexy while still being chic, and lets you make use of the awesome wide leg pants and draped blouses that are flooding all levels of fashion.

A post shared by 이지선 (@leegsun) on

A post shared by @onerunway on

Want to try it out? Check out Kooding’s cute banded top below and try layering it with a light sweater or button down shirt.

Shop the trend at Stylenanda here and on Kooding here.
Street style inspiration: 
In our social media conscious culture, street style and the who’s who of fashion is just as important to note as the looks on the runway. Street style offers super accessible and inventive ways of styling the latest trends. In Seoul this past week, plaid was hands down the prominent feature. From mix and match suiting to handbags and wide leg pants, plaid was everywhere.

A post shared by kuraeji (@kuraeji) on

Check out this plaid skirt from Stylenanda! Great for layering, or pair it with a deconstructed white blouse.Shop the trend on Stylenanda here and here.

+ Which Korean fashion trends are your favorite? Share in the comments!

Photo credit: Stylenanda
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