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The 4 Hottest Korean Fashion Trends for Fall

This fall, Korean fashion trends are bringing the heat. Find out which ones you should rock in the next few months.

In recent years, Seoul has become a hotspot for global fashion, with Koreans adopting and creating trends that are beginning to have a major global impact. And the Korean fashion trends for this upcoming fall are proving to be no exception. Read below to discover the trends that everyone—including our favorite K-pop Idols—will be wearing this fall.

The extended sleeve

While the oversized shirt has been making waves since spring, a recent trend that’s picking up major momentum is the extended sleeve shirt. Likely spurred by the cuteness of sweatshirts that cover the hands (AKA sweater paws), the over cuff sleeve is becoming a staple in trendy button down shirts and blouses.
A favorite of male K-pop idols, including Exo’s Sehun in their recent comeback “KoKoBop” and more edgily styled on NCT127’s Taeyong in “Cherry Bomb,” the over cuffs shirt is bound to be a fall staple. Above is a men’s rendition from Red Homme at Kooding on the left, with a women’s blouse from Stylenanda on the right. Style with open cuffs and a slight tuck at the waist to emphasize a slim figure with oversized proportions.


Ruffles have been making their waves in fashion in recent months, and aside from Burberry’s recent RTW collections—which were hugely popular in Korea—nobody is doing it better than Korean fashion labels.
Whether it’s a fully ruffled blouse or skirt, or just a slight accent of ruffles in the sleeves or collar, they are becoming a staple of any on-trend wardrobe. On the left is a more minimally ruffled blouse from unisex-friendly and ahead of the trend Korean retailer Åland, while the right displays a more prominently ruffle-collared blouse from Style Nanda.

The long skirt

While schoolgirl skirts have been the darlings of the summer, fall is heralding longer cuts. While traditional in length, Korean brands are transforming the shin-length skirt with innovative cuts and silhouettes. Indibrand brings in a simpler cut on the left, with a lightweight, simply-cut skirt topped off with a bow at the waist, while on the right is a more daring denim cut from popular Korean label Chuu.

The oversized trouser

As the skinny jean fades from the wardrobes of the fashion forward, the wide leg trouser re-enters the spotlight. While its presence has been felt for longer in the loose cut denims and flowing trousers of women, now even Korean men are steering away from the tightly cut trouser.
Recently sported by BTS’ Namjoom and prominently styled on each member of WINNER in their comeback this week, the oversized trouser is quickly finding its place among men. On the left above is a wide-cut women’s trouser from Style Nanda, with a slit-front men’s wide-leg trouser from Red Homme on the right.

+ What Korean trends are you most excited about this fall? Share your favorites in the comments!

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