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Here’s How You Get Jun Ji-Hyun’s Latest K-Drama Look

The Legend of the Blue Sea,” starring Jun Ji-Hyun (Se-hwa/Shim Cheong) and Lee Min-Ho (Kim Dam-ryeong/Heo Joon Jae) is one of the most popular Korean dramas to date. The Klog’s editor-in-chief Charlotte Cho, spoke exclusively with Jun Ji-Hyun’s official MUA Son Dae Sik to hear about Jun Ji-Hun’s makeup and skincare secrets!


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As Jun Ji-Hyun’s official MUA, you teamed up with her on the latest hit Korean drama, “The Legend of the Blue Sea.”  How would you describe the makeup concept for “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” and how does it differ from her last drama, “Love from Another Star?”

SON DAE SIK: Jun Ji-Hyun played a mermaid who started living on land, so her makeup had to be very natural and fresh. Because she was always shooting scenes in water, I focused on minimizing her face makeup and often used a fresh, pink lip from Hera (Rouge Holic No. 147 Supreme Pink) so she could look as natural as possible. In “Love from Another Star,” her character was a famous celebrity, so I had to play up her superstar status by creating more smokey, sultry looks.

THE KLOG: Jun Ji-Hyun definitely had a natural, ethereal look throughout the drama. But we noticed a scene in episode 15 where she visits a nightclub and she has more makeup on than usual (and gets Lee Min Ho a tad jealous in the process). Can you share some tips on how to achieve that smokey eye look?

SON DAE SIK: For the nightclub scene, I was careful not to make her look too polished or done-up, as her character is very innocent and naive. Remember, that was her first experience at a nightclub since living on land! That’s why I decided to add a smokey eye but made sure to keep it as simple as possible. I applied black eyeliner and quickly blended out a purple shadow on her lids.

THE KLOG: Jun Ji-Hyun’s skin looked so clear and youthful. Can you share a few skincare tips she follows?

SON DAE SIK: Filming a drama involves many long nights and a very demanding shooting schedule. Even though there were many, many nights that she came home late, she always took the time to double-cleanse her face so that there was not a single trace of makeup, and applied several layers of treatment and moisturizing skincare products. I also advised her to use eye patches whenever possible, like during her commute home.

THE KLOG: What kind of makeup trends are happening in Korea right now?

SON DAE SIK: For 2017 spring, we’ll be seeing more focus on high coverage concealers and foundations, but have a natural, lightweight texture and consistency. That clean, flawless coverage will be coupled with tinted lip & cheeks by tapping a deep red lip color on the lips slightly or with a brush. The flush of color on the lips and cheeks will be very lightweight, and will remind you of watercolors on paper.

THE KLOG: Did you use any contouring techniques for Jun Ji-Hyun?

SON DAE SIK: In Korea, contouring is not only about playing with highlights and shadows, but also supplementing it with dewy and matte textures. For example, I would make sure that the highlighted areas were not only bright, but also dewy, and for the shaded areas, it should have a more matte texture.

Jun Ji-Hyun in Hera’s Rouge Holic No. 147 Supreme Pink

Did any beauty products Jun Ji-Hyun used sell out in Korea after the drama aired?

SON DAE SIK: Rouge Holic – No. 147 Supreme Pink by HERA is already sold out everywhere. It was a huge reminder on just how influential Jun Ji-Hyun is, especially in beauty.

THE KLOG: What’s next for you now that the drama is officially over? Do you have any current projects you are working on now?

SON DAE SIK: I’m still working with celebrities, and I will be launching my new brand this Spring with MUA Park Tae Yun. Stay tuned for the launch!

+ Now that The Legend of The Blue Sea is officially over, what Korean drama are you watching now?
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