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16 year old Korean model An Ye Won every night uses a sheet mask & moisturizing cream to keep her skin hydrated 16 year old Korean model An Ye Won uses a brown eyeliner to make her eyes pop

SOKO SECRET: An Ye Won, 16, Model


Every single night I use a sheet mask and right after I apply a generous layer of a moisturizing cream. Hydration is so important for the skin. I’m 16 and I learned from my mom that it’s important to take care of my skin now.


My makeup look is fairly simple. For those days I want my eyes to pop, I line my eyes with brown eyeliner. For me, brown eyeliner makes your eyes look bigger, and black tends to make my eyes look smaller.  I make sure to fill in between my lashes to get the complete look. As for blush, I learned to smile hard, then apply blush in the areas of my cheekbones that stick out. I’m not sure if that’s the right way, but that’s the way I like it on me.


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