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The Matte Lipsticks That Are Still Creamy

Find out why the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk lipsticks will make you want to finally clean out your cramped lipstick drawer.

If there’s one thing my makeup collection doesn’t need right now it’s more lipsticks. I’ve come to realize that what I generally want out of a lipstick is for it to look matte or glossy

nothing in between. But somehow over the years, my lipstick drawer in my vanity is overflowing with way too many options that don’t really satisfy my needs. Then I found the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk lipsticks, and I’m thinking of cleaning house.

About the lipsticks:

The Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk is a collection of six lipsticks that offer both matte and glossy formulas. There’s three straight matte lipsticks: RD311 (a deep rose), RD312 (an orangey-red), and BE109 (a dusty peach). And then there’s the Chiffon collection, which has a more glossy look, with OR211 (a light orange), RD027 (a subdued hot pink), and RD306 (a red wine).

About the formulas:

I’m going to focus on the formula of the Chiffon collection because these were the collective favorite among the testers here at The Klog (the formula for the matte lipsticks is similar to your typical matte lipstick, with kaolin to help it stay longer on your lips and dimenthicone, the ingredient that makes it look dry).
For the Chiffon lipsticks, Etude House has included a bunch of hydrating ingredients—including candelillia wax and carnuba wax—so that they really glide across your lips and feel extra soft. But that’s not to say that these lipsticks are so glossy that they don’t show up when you put them on. Once they dry, they actually look and feel matte, but in a much softer version than all those liquid lipsticks you see on Instagram. So you get the feeling of a creamy lipstick but with the toned-down look and the lasting power of a matte lipstick.

What it’s like wearing them:

When it comes to the matte lipsticks, what you expect from a matte lipstick is what you get. They go on a bit rough and you have to pay extra attention to outlining your lips, but once they’re on, they stay on for hours. I only had to mildly touch up my lipstick up after eating and drinking with one on.
Putting the Chiffon collection on is much easier. These lipsticks literally glide on and are really easy to guide in the direction of your lips. And thanks to their unique formula, the color is easy to build in layers, so these lipsticks are a great option if you’re into trying to create the popular ombré lip that Korean girls are currently obsessed with.
The wear is a bit shorter with the Chiffon lipsticks

since they have a thinner consistency, they slide off more during eating or drinking. But without any interaction, the Chiffon lipsticks will last up to two hours without need for retouches.

What the colors look like:

Trust me when I say you’ll truly want to wear every single color. Even the bright orange color is a color you’ll feel like putting on for a fun night out during the summer.
We tested all of the colors in Soko Glam’s collection of Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk  on members of The Klog team, and we all found a couple of personal favorites. Here’s what Alexis (our intern), Renee (our digital content editor), and Tina (our digital content and marketing associate) look like without any lipstick on so you can see what our undertones look like:
Here’s what BE109 (a matte lipstick) looks like on us:
Here’s what OR211 (a Chiffon lipstick) looks like:
Here’s what PK027 (a Chiffon lipstick) looks like:
Here’s what RD306 (a Chiffon lipstick) looks like:
Here’s what RD311 (a matte lipstick) looks like:
And here’s what RD312 (a matte lipstick) looks like:

Final thoughts

Like I said, the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk collection is convincing me to clean out my lipstick drawer. Of course, I’m going to keep some of my ultimate favorites (I’m looking at you, Tom Ford lipsticks), but this collection includes a variety of pinks, reds, and nudes that I wear normally, and a mix of formulas for when I feel like keeping it glossy or going matte. Plus, one lipstick costs $12, less than many of the popular makeup brands’ lipstick prices.
Even better, they smell like the candies you would get in a Pez dispenser when you were a kid, and I’m down for any makeup product that smells like sweets.

+Which Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips lipstick is your favorite? Let us know below!

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