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How to Survive Allergy Season

Spring is really, truly in the air! It feels like such a relief, doesn’t it? Though, if you’re like me, spring and the changing of seasons means that allergies will be wreaking havoc not only on my sinuses and eyeballs, but on my poor skin as well! It’s so frustrating, not only because allergies can be physically painful and at the very least terribly uncomfortable, but because they mess with my glam game! Isn’t it bad enough that I’m congested and have a sore throat? Nope, apparently I must also have dry, sensitive, itchy skin, watery eyes that make me tug at my delicate eyeball skin all day, and redness around my nose. Lame.

It’s so easy for me to go down the ferocious rubbing-my-eyes rabbit hole — I swear I’ve given myself new wrinkles in the past two weeks from all the vigorous scratching. I just can’t help it! But deep down I know that I need to chill, take my allergy medications on time, take out my contact lenses, and give my face some much needed TLC. I’m committing to a 5-step plan the next few weeks to help my skin survive allergy season because I’ll be damned if I will let allergies make me look like a frazzled demon.

Step 1. Honey!
A while back I read that eating a spoonful of raw, organic, local honey is a pretty effective way to calm allergies and I’m running with it. You won’t hear me complaining about having to eat a delicious spoonful of golden syrup. I’ll also be rubbing it on my face because honey has awesome anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are great for your skin. If that isn’t enough, the Manefit Beauty Planner Honey Sheet Mask completes the honey trifecta of skin soothing goodness!

Step 2. Apply Cooling Eye Mask
I can’t understate enough how intensely I claw at my eyes when I have allergies. It’s like a switch goes off in my brain and I can’t stop scratching all around and rubbing them like crazy. Yes, I am aware of how counterproductive this is. I just can’t help it! It’s an awful feeling. And I know I’m wreaking havoc on that poor delicate skin around my eyes. It’s a nightmare. Cooling eye masks like Banila Co It Radiant Lace Hydrogel Eye patches are just what the doctor ordered. It’ll help eliminate any discoloration that comes from the constant scratching and helps heal the little wrinkles and tears from the rubbing.

3. Use Hydrating Eye Cream
Obviously, I use eye cream every night of my damn life because I am not a wild animal, but I’m stepping up my game these days. An ultra-hydrating, all natural cream like Beauty Counter’s Any Time Eye Cream is a total lifesaver. It’s cooling as well as hydrating, and I’m using it three times a day when these allergies are getting real!

4. Apply Lip Balm Generously
The intense winds and dry weather wreak havoc on my lips, and as soon as they get even a little bit dry it’s hard to resist the temptation to bite them or pick at them. I’m trying to prevent this by being on top of my lip balm application, and anytime I feel the urge to pick I slather some on instead. I’m a slave to Butter Elixir Lip Balm, it’s made of all natural ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, bees wax, and more. The vanilla and cardamom make it absolutely delicious and I love that the tiny pot is super portable and instantly healing.

5. Spritz with Rosewater and Aloe Facial Spray
Aloe is the perfect remedy to calm irritated and sensitive skin. I usually apply my toner water just once a day, but I’m going to make myself a little mini version of it carry it with me all day long so I can give myself a refreshing spritz whenever the need arises. The combination of rosewater and aloe are exactly what my itchy, irritated skin needs.

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