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Superegg’s Vegan Egg-Inspired Products Made Me Look and Feel Like An Egg in the Best Way Possible

Eggs— they fuel my existence and now my skin?

These protein-rich, white ovular structures are way more versatile than they seem to be: from hastily-assembled avocado toasts to Eggslut’s gourmet coddled egg “Slut” sandwiches, it seems eggs in all shapes and sizes dominate our kitchens and meals.

Turns out, they might soon dominate our skin care too. In April, TikTokers couldn’t get enough of egg-based skin care: one TikTok with over 1 million views preaches about the transformative benefits of at-home egg white masks. For years, Korean beauty brands have advertised egg whites as key ingredients that help remove blackheads and reduce the appearance of pores

Superegg, a brand recently introduced to Soko Glam, is a new, plant-based attempt to capture the unique skin care benefits of eggs. For founder Erica Choi, it was important to acknowledge the beauty benefits of eggs while also recognizing the animal agricultural industry’s negative impact on climate change.  

After an extensive research process into what exactly made eggs a skin care powerhouse, she debuted Superegg’s Sound Renewal Moisturizer and Gentle Elements Cleanser, formulated “with you and our planet in mind.”  Over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying out Superegg— and before you ask, no, it doesn’t taste like scrambled eggs (I, too, was mildly upset about that.) 

At $34, Superegg’s Gentle Elements Cleanser is powered by their White Duplex, a trademarked technology that contains 22 high-grade vegan ingredients to mimic an egg white’s nutrients. It’s a frothy, makeup-removing cream cleanser with barrier-strengthening ingredients, from hyaluronic acid to vitamin C to moringa oil. 

A little bit really does go a long way with Gentle Elements. At first glance, this cleanser reminded me of egg whites— the packaging is sleek and white, and the product itself is a creamy white that foams up easily. A pea-sized amount foamed up my entire face (I learned that the hard way!) 

No, but really. That was my one qualm with the product: if you don’t use it correctly, the foam can be a bit too foamy, it was easy for the cleanser to get into my eyes, which is never a good experience. But after I got the hang of it – pea-sized really does mean pea sized — I was able to fully enjoy Gentle Elements. 

Like every other skin care lover, I’m a double-cleansing fanatic, which means that I use two cleansers: one oil cleanser to draw out oil-based debris, and one cream cleanser to draw out water-based debris. I found that this product paired perfectly with my oil cleanser. With most cream cleansers, I’ve found that my skin is way too parched after double cleansing, but this cleanser is the perfect in-between.

At the same time, I know it’s doing something— my skin feels refreshed and replenished after this. I found myself gravitating towards the cleanser in both the daytime and nighttime because of how gentle yet effective it is. 

Next up is the Sound Renewal Moisturizer, at $60. First things first, I’m still entranced by the packaging. It’s handy, practical, but also aesthetically similar to the shape of an egg. What can I say— I’m a sucker for cute packaging. In terms of ingredients, Sound Renewal is a nourishing combination of their Yolk Duplex — packed with 24 vegan ingredients — and skin care superheroes like panthenol, squalane, and chicory root extract. 

This moisturizer was made for #HotGirlSummer. It’s lightweight while also being super hydrating, which makes it perfect for the daytime. Sound Renewal features one of my favorite ingredients, squalane, and it shows: my skin feels significantly more hydrated and moisturized after applying just a pea-sized amount of this moisturizer. As an SPF junkie, this also performs great under sunscreen and it gives my skin ample space to breathe. 

I will say that this moisturizer is on the pricier side, but a quick look at its ingredients list justifies it for me. It also helps knowing that the products going on my face are clean and cruelty-free– while I’ll probably never understand all twenty-four ingredients in their egg duplexes, I’m impressed by their ability to blend long-standing beauty rituals with modern, clean technology. I’m also obsessed with Superegg’s dedication as a brand to sustainability — they have a product empties program that lets you get a free replenishment of their products! And plus, I always love to support Asian-owned beauty brands, and Asian women-owned beauty brands at that. 

While I am sad that these products aren’t as tasty as, say, a mean avocado toast sandwich topped with a fried egg, honey, and red pepper flakes, they exceeded my expectations with their gentle yet potent skincare benefits. Beyond the brand’s dedication to sustainability, the two products together are a recipe for looking and feeling like it’s #HotGirlSummer. 

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