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How Sioiris, K-Beauty’s Latest Chic Vegan Brand, Is Using K-Beauty Innovation to Pioneer Summer Skin Care

“Esseners” and milky cleansers are only some of the lightweight top picks from Sioris, a soon-to-be cult favorite brand.

Unpopular opinion: summer is my least favorite season of all. Don’t get me wrong; I love that I get to wear free-flowing sundresses, indulge in countless pints of ice cream, and jack up my air conditioner so my bedroom feels like a meat locker. But, it’s also a time where scorching temps, high humidity levels, and impromptu rainstorms are all too much for skin to handle. Sigh

And yes, I do have some skin care staples that have gotten me through many summers past; namely sunscreen, pore strips, and a gentle foaming face wash. Though lately, finding  summer-proof moisturizing products still manages to be difficult; a lot of serum and cream products can be pretty clogging this time of year. 

However, I wouldn’t have to look high and low for lightweight products chock full of hydration and amazing ingredients; I recently got my hands on four Sioris finds, and boy, have they changed my skin for the better. 

Sioris, a K-Beauty skin care brand rooted in vegan and sustainable beauty that uses organically-farmed ingredients to create clean skin care products that are pH-balanced, isn’t afraid to step outside of the box and do what K-Beauty does best: innovate. 

From multitasking staples (their hybrid “essener” currently has a 5 star rating on Soko Glam) to unique milky textures, you can easily see just how Sirois’s products can be skin changing. Packed with classic Korean ingredients like mugwort, green tea, and yuzu, their line of products, housed in minimalistic chic packaging, their multi-tasking skin care product line seems to guarantee glowing results.

A deeper look into my experience using Sioris’s My First Essener, the Time Is Running Out Mist, the Bring The Light Serum, and the Enriched By Nature Cream products, ahead. 

My First Essener

Confession number one: because I faithfully use toner, I have never given any thought to using an essence. But because essences are practically a K-Beauty essential the internet swears by, I figured the Sioris My First Essener ($32) was a great introductory essence product to try. After all, this toner-essence’s pretty packaging and impressive ingredient list (green tea and mugwort) piqued my interest. 

Unlike many of the drying toners that have let me down in the past, this essence was a pleasant surprise; it’s fairly easy-to-apply, contains no scent, and drenches skin in calming and hydrating damask rose and polyglutamic acid ingredients. 

Also worth mentioning is the product texture; it’s thick—but not unbearably sticky— and absorbs fast, preventing your face from sticking to the pillow if you plan on using it before bedtime as a result. Because of this, this essence has now become a permanent staple in my daily routine. Besides, applying vitamin C and retinol products are now a breeze— normally these products sting when I first apply them. 

Time is Running Out Mist 

Confession number two: facial mists are another product I fail to use. It’s that I don’t like them, it’s more like I have never seen the point of them. 

Thankfully, the citrusy Sioris Time is Running Out Mist ($24) has definitely been shedding my facial mist misconceptions lately; it’s oil and water blend has left my skin hydrated and moisturized, without weighing it down. This, of course, has been a major relief to this acne-prone lady; some moisturizers can trigger breakouts (especially on the chin and forehead) during the summertime, so it’s balance of water and oil is just right.

More on the formula; it’s oil layer is composed of three nourishing plant oils (macadamia, jojoba, and sunflower seed) that soften and soothe skin. It’s water layer is also impressive; it contains 79 percent organic plum water, which adds a boost of hydration. 

Will I be using this mist going forward? Absolutely yes; it ensures you get the buttery-smooth texture you love, without any pimples or blemishes coming to spoil the fun. 

Bring The Light Serum

Don’t worry; I actually do use serum products—vitamin C, niacinamide, and ceramide products are amongst some of my all-time faves. Though as effective as these products are, a lot of them go on too sticky for my liking. 

Eager to try something a lot more lightweight, I was extremely grateful the Sioris Bring The Light Serum ($32) entered my life. Why? It’s use of green tea water seemed promising, as well as it’s rosa multiflora extract and three types of hyaluronic acid ingredients. 

So, did this serum deliver? Yes, in so many ways. Upon first use, I was surprised about how much radiance it provided; friends asked me if I just had a facial, while family members said it  looked like I slept a full 12 hours. Similarly, hydration was also an added perk; my skin felt smooth without feeling tacky, so I could confidently layer other serums and night creams on top without waking up to new zits in the morning. 

One caveat: this product does contain orange oil; which can trigger some inflammatory conditions in rosacea-prone skin. Though if your skin can tolerate it, it’s worth the splurge. Besides, if you are looking to cut down on the makeup overload, like yours truly, this serum will leave you breathless and your skin flawless. 

Enriched By Nature Cream 

Last, but certainly not least the Sioris Enriched By Nature Cream, which has everything that I have been looking for in a summertime cream and more; it’s blend of shea butter, rosa multiflora, and green tea ingredients hydrates, while keeping inflammation at bay.  

Does it clog pores? Not in the slightest. Instead, it’s yogurt-like texture (which can be intimidatingly thick at first) spreads smoothly across the face and neck, and absorbs quickly; leaving it supple enough to know you have product on, but is never too heavy. 

Now, I will admit to only using a dime-sized amount of cream at night so far. But now that I have gotten a taste of how hydrating it can be, you bet I will be using it two times a day instead of one.

What do you want to try from Sioris? Let us know below!

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