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Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask Review

You’re Probably Not Applying a Chemical Exfoliant on This Delicate Area – But You Should

Our favorite chapped lip treatment is the Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask. Find out what sets it apart below (Hint: it contains an AHA you know and likely love).

Spring is a season of renewal. This is why many of us are spring cleaning our homes and doubling down on our New Year’s resolutions that haven’t quite been put into practice yet. For me, it also means focusing my attention on those areas of my skin that were neglected all winter long, like my limbs and my lips.
As I detailed back in the thick of the cold weather season, I struggled to find a lip balm that worked this year, so the area is suffering from some serious dehydration right about now.
In general, when you need to rehab dry skin, it’s most effective to apply moisturizer on a smooth canvas, hence why exfoliating is such an important step in one’s routine. For the lips, this means using a lip scrub, but lip scrubs can be harsh on the delicate area and also require adding yet another product into your regimen.
All this is to say that when a sample of the Mamonde Lip Mask, a multitasking balm that contains the chemical exfoliant glycolic acid, came across my desk, I knew my chapped lips were about to be transformed.
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The texture is like a more emollient and less thick Vaseline (not to mention better smelling). It glides easily across lips, leaving a glossy, not sticky finish. It’s a sleeping mask, but I’d gladly wear it during the day when I need a boost.
The formula features plum blossom extract to soothe, shea and muru muru butters to moisturize, and then just enough glycolic acid to smooth lips without irritating them. I have sensitive skin and I can attest that I haven’t experienced any tingling or sensitivity post-application.
After using the mask just one night, I woke up to noticeably softer and hydrated lips. Even the natural color looked pinker and less dull than usual. I still needed to apply lip balm in the morning, but I didn’t have to reapply as much throughout the day that followed.
I find the product to be similar to the popular (and Klog team favorite) Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, however if your lips get chapped easily and you don’t love using physical lip scrubs, I definitely recommend giving the Mamonde formula a try.

Right now, Soko Glam is offering the full size sleeping mask as part of an exclusive four-piece set that includes some of the brand’s best sellers and is perfect for your summer travels. Shop it down below!

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