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How To Bounce Back From Post-Holiday Skin Stress

Too many parties and too little sleep? Switch up your skin care routine with these tips to bring your skin back to life.

The holidays can be plenty of fun. There’s the chance to catch up with friends and family, eat all your favorite comfort foods, and glam it up at festive parties. But all those weeks of late nights, last-minute shopping stress and too many glasses of eggnog can wreak major havoc on your skin. Thankfully, there’s a K-beauty solution to every holiday skin stressor, so read on and confidently go into the new year without anyone being the wiser!

Holiday Problem #1: Too Little Sleep = Dark, Tired Eyes

Is anybody well-rested during the holidays? Not a chance. You’ve likely been running around to see old friends, spend time with family, and make it to all the best parties (that just so happen to run into the wee hours of the morning) that it’s got to the point where each morning’s glance in the mirror has a panda-eyed version of yourself staring back at you. Reach for an eye-targeting mask like Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks – Gold,
which uses aloe and camu camu to not only depuff swollen and tired eyes, but brighten them too.

Holiday Problem #2: Indulgent Party Snacks & One-Too-Many Cocktails = Dehydrated, Lined Skin

Whether you love the sweet taste of festive cookies, or the savory goodness of cheese, mashed potatoes, turkey (… oh, the list goes on!) one thing is for sure, all of this indulgence is liking dehydrating your skin and making fine lines more visible than before. Throw in all those glasses of celebratory prosecco, and chances are you’re waking up looking puffier than you’d like to, too.

Start by rehydrating with some cucumber-slice infused water, then mist an essence like the Neogen H2 Dermadeca Serum Spray to boost moisture. Loaded with amino acids, vitamins and minerals, this formula protects, brightens and hydrates for glowing, youthful looking skin, anytime.

Follow with a rich hydrating treatment like Skinfood’s Premium Avocado Rich Essential Oil and relax as you massage and tap the oil into your skin. The light texture won’t leave your complexion feeling greasy or heavy, but is rich enough to be used as a stand-alone moisturizer that improves the overall appearance of your skin.

Holiday Problem #3: Gift-Giving Stress = Hormonal Breakouts

Running around at the last-minute to find your mom/brother/dog the perfect gift has left you frazzled, and would you look at the time? You’re running late to your NYE party! All this stress can make your skin freak out, leading to hormonal acne flare-ups along the jawline and around the mouth. For a concentrated spot treatment, try our very own The Klog Soft Shield Pimple Patches, which treats acne overnight by eliminating bacteria and any infection (great if you’re prone to picking at pimples).

+ Happy holidays everyone! We hope you have a safe and happy new year, but before you go, tell us: How are you helping your skin bounce back from this holiday season?

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