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I Tried Korea’s Number One Sheet Mask Brand and My Skin Has Never Been So Hydrated

I Tried Korea’s Number One Sheet Mask Brand and My Skin Has Never Been So Hydrated

Mediheal’s masks are so good, one of them nearly quadrupled my skin’s moisture levels. Read on to find out what else the masks did for my complexion.

As the editor of The Klog and a longtime K-beauty fan, I’ve tried a lot of sheet masks over the years – I try to do at least one sheet masking session a week. I’ve used moisturizing masks, brightening masks, purifying masks, firming masks, hydrogel masks, cotton masks, biocellulose masks…you name it, it’s been on my face. Nine times out of ten, the results are totally satisfactory. I don’t expect miracles from a sheet mask, just a dewier complexion and a relaxing 20 minutes.

So when a bunch of sheet masks from Mediheal, a brand crowned as the number one sheet mask purveyor in Korea, came across my desk, I was curious if I’d really notice that much of difference in comparison to the hundreds of others I’ve tried. To find out, I not only tested three of the brand’s top-selling masks, but tested my moisture levels before and after each use with a skin moisture analyzing device. Below, my results.

mediheal review

Mediheal Hydro Advanced Capsule Hydration Treatment Sheet Mask 

Moisture level before: 21.5%

Moisture level after: 77%

Of the three Mediheal masks I tested, this one had the toughest job: Rehydrating my skin after a day at the beach that included indulging in lots of salty foods and a steady stream of margaritas. But when I read that this mask is formulated to be worn for 40 minutes and comes with a ceramide ampoule as a second step, I had a sneaky feeling that the treatment would exceed my hydration expectations.

The mask was a refreshing way to unwind after a hot beach day, and even as I neared the 40-minute mark, the biocellulose was still saturated with the hyaluronic acid, fermented coconut water, and ceramide NP-infused essence. My skin already felt replenished post-mask, but the ceramide capsule activator took things to the next level. There was so much formula in the capsule that I had enough left over to apply on my slightly sunburned back, chest, and arms.

Mediheal D.N.A Hydrating Protein Sheet Mask

Moisture level before: 19%

Moisture level after: 40%

This was the first Mediheal mask I tried, and as you can see above, my skin was moisture-deprived pre-use. The essence, formulated with jojoba oil, peptides, squalene, and amino acids, has a milky texture that felt supremely nourishing. The mask adhered perfectly onto my skin so I was able to walk around my apartment while wearing it, plus it was so saturated that I wore it twice as long as the package suggests (30 minutes instead of 15). Considering it doubled my moisture levels, I’d say this experiment was a soaring success.

mediheal reviewMediheal W.H.P Brightening & Hydrating Charcoal Sheet Mask

Moisture level before: 30%

Moisture level after: 65%

In my experience, charcoal sheet masks are never as hydrating as other types, but this one proved me wrong. My moisture level was still riding a high from the D.N.A Hydrating Protein Sheet Mask I tried two days before, but this one was still able to impress. After use my skin looked noticeably glowier and some breakouts I was experiencing around my chin area appeared less red and inflamed. Because this mask is so multitasking, it’s definitely my favorite from the line.

Mediheal N.M.F Intensive Hydrating Sheet Mask

Moisture level before: 37%

Moisture level after: 72%

I tried this one last and after a week of masking, my skin was feeling pretty hydrated to start, though there’s always room for improvement! The acronym NMF stands for natural moisturizing factor which is naturally occurring in skin to maintain hydration levels, though it doesn’t always work as optimally as it should – especially when we’re exposed to environmental factors like cold temperatures or indoor heating and air conditioning.

My skin felt so supple and hydrated after using this mask that I didn’t even apply my usual serum or nighttime moisturizer afterwards and my skin still felt soft in the morning. I definitely plan on stocking up on this one for the winter.

Bottom Line

Throughout my week of testing –  I wore a Mediheal mask every other night – I actually stopped wearing moisturizer during the day because my skin was so plump and hydrated. My complexion looks more even now, too, so I’ve been wearing less foundation – I even went bare-faced to work, which is a major feat.

Aside from the results, what also makes the brand a winner in my book is that the masks are so reasonable. Most five packs cost $9.95, which is just $2 a mask!

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