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Ingredient Spotlight: How Madecassoside Helps Psoriasis

Whether you suffer from dry, dehydrated skin on the daily or have mild psoriasis every other month, you’ll know there’s no better feeling than finding a product that soothes itchy spots and calms redness. More often than not, that magic product contains madecassoside. And if it doesn’t, you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

What Is Madecassoside?

As renowned facial plastic surgeon and skincare specialist, double-board certified Dr. Amir Karam, tells The Klog, “Madecassoside is one of the main biologically active compounds derived from the medicinal Centella Asiatica plant.” It boasts powerful antioxidant properties and is quickly becoming a key ingredient in skin products that work to treat inflammation and heal dry, irritated skin. 

What Benefits Can I Expect?

Simply put, madecassoside “works as an anti-inflammatory reducing redness, promoting collagen production, improving skin hydration, and contributing to a smoother, more even overall complexion,” said Dr. Karam. It’s suitable for all skin types, however, those with sensitive acne prone skin, eczema, rosacea or psoriasis, will likely see the greatest benefit due to its calming effect.

Can Madecassoside Prevent Psoriasis? 

As a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory, madecassoside is a good choice for those with chronic skin conditions like psoriasis. Dr Nichola Cosgrove, skincare specialist at Natura Emporium, explains: “Our outermost layer of skin is mostly made up of cells called keratinocytes (roughly 95%) and it’s these that are responsible for creating a sort of barrier against environmental changes like heat, UV rays, pathogens and water loss.” She continues, “someone with psoriasis, which is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder, causes abnormal changes in the keratinocyte maturation cycle, hence the production of these plaques on the skin — in a sense everything has gone into overdrive.” By using an active ingredient like madecassoside in your skincare regime, “you can potentially calm and soothe that inflammatory response before it proliferates into a full on psoriasis attack.”

What Products Have Madecassoside?

When it comes to integrating madecassoside into your skincare regime, SkinRx MadeCera Cream Double Essence Toner, voted Best Newcomer in Soko Glam’s Best of K-Beauty 2020 Award Winners, is a great place to start. Known as the “strawberry milk” toner in Korea, it features a powerful combination of ceramides and madecassoside, which soothes, conditions and calms even the most irritated skin. Better still, it’s dermatologist tested and safe for sensitive skin. After cleansing, gently shake the bottle to combine both essences, then pour into the palm of the hand and gently pat into skin then wait for the magic to happen.

Are There Any Downsides?

While more research is needed into this relatively new skincare ingredient, Dr. Karam says risk is low when used topically. “It’s a natural ingredient so it really won’t pose much danger to anyone who uses it, though the scientific research behind the profoundness of its impact is still fairly slim,” he said. As always, consult your doctor before integrating it into your skincare routine if you’re worried.

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