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Klog Chat: How Do You Rehab Your Skin During the Indulgent Holiday Season?

Welcome to Klog Chat, a series where we ask you to tell us how you do skin care and beauty. This week we want to know: How do you protect your complexion and treat skin issues during the busy holiday season?

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but in The Klog and Soko Glam office, many of us are still feeling – and seeing on our skin – the effects of overindulging and traveling.
I, for one, am battling cystic acne spots that I suspect are the result of consuming more cheese and wine than fruits and vegetables during the week of Thanksgiving (#noregrets). My usual treatment route – exfoliating pads and an anti-cyst spot treatment – are not doing much to evict the stubborn bumps currently taking up residence on my chin and along my jawline. I’ve noticed that my face (along with the rest of my body) is puffier than usual, too. And the holiday season has just begun!
It seems like keeping my skin clear and happy from now until January 1 is going to be an uphill battle, so I’m planning on arming myself with some tried and true skin care products.
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Because regular pimple patches don’t do much for my cystic acne, I’m taking things to the next level with the Acropass Trouble Cure patches. The stickers are dotted with dissolving microneedles that get down into the root of the problem to help heal and flatten the spots faster.
Indulging in rich foods and alcohol doesn’t just cause acne and puffiness, but can cause dryness as well, which is especially bad news for those of us who live in cold climates. I’ve had the Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Essence Mist at my desk for the past few weeks and I’ve found that it helps keep my skin’s hydration levels up throughout the day and softens and brightens my complexion. I plan on keeping this bad boy by my side all winter long.
I also plan on using a moisturizer that is as calming as it is hydrating like the SkinRx MadeCera Cream, which targets both inflammation and dry spots.
Readers, now I’m turning to you. How are YOU planning on taking care of your skin this holiday season? Share your go-to products and tips in the comments below!

+What questions do you have about helping your skin recover from stress, parties, travel, and the rest of what comes with the holiday season?

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