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Introducing: The Female Founders Capsule on Soko Glam

Get ready to meet four trailblazing female founders who prioritize inclusivity, self-care, and skincare fun.

As you well know, tending to skin is one of our favorite pastimes here at The Klog. This month, we’re going a step beyond by celebrating four female founders who care about the ritual of skincare and beauty just as much as we do. Each of these trailblazing founders have identified a gap in the beauty world and made it their mission to fill it with a one-of-a-kind approach. 

We were lucky enough to spend some time getting to know each founder, asking them questions about what inspired their business, struggles they’ve endured along the way, how they spend their days, and what’s in store for their brands. 

Now, you’ll get a chance to do the same! Throughout June, we’re featuring a Q&A with each founder—exclusive to The Klog—and showcasing some of the brands’ most beloved products. (Prepare your shopping fingers.)

Curious to meet these mysterious female founders making serious moves in the skincare world? Lucky for you, we’re giving you a sneak peak right now! Here’s what you can expect in the coming weeks, starting next Wednesday, June 8! 

Deepica Mutyala of Live Tinted: June 1

When Deepica Mutyala was a young girl, she realized that most people she saw on TV and in magazines didn’t look like her. And like so many others, she tried her best to conform to what society portrayed as beautiful. Eventually, she said “no more.”

Determined to change this dated approach to beauty ideals, she started an online community where people of color could connect to discuss everything from inclusivity to skincare routines and the intersection of both. In 2018, that community officially morphed into cult-favorite beauty brand, Live Tinted.

Natalie Mackey of Winky Lux: June 8

Sometimes the world can be, well, a little boring. But it doesn’t have to be, and Natalie Mackey’s colorful “Winky World” is proof of that. She founded the unapologetically fun beauty brand, Winky Lux, to prove that you don’t always have to conform to a buttoned up lifestyle. 

Think hot pink walls, blingy hair accessories, and confetti-filled lip balms. (Yep, Winky Lux definitely sells the latter). The brand is all about making bold statements, leaving a joyful impression on others, coloring outside the lines, and making the ritual of skincare and beauty way more fun. 

Julie Schott of Starface: June 14

Julie Schott isn’t just on a mission to change the way we think about pimples and acne. She’s downright determined to make those red spots glamorous. After a decade in the beauty industry, where she served as beauty director of, she founded Starface in 2019. 

The brand makes cheerful skin care products that help normalize acne—(because it is totally normal!)—like brightly colored, fun-shaped pimple patches and lime green body wash. For Starface fans, breakouts serve as an opportunity for playful self-expression. 

Erica Choi of Superegg : June 21

Eggs may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to skincare, but for Erica Choi eggs are front and center. A key component of her and her family’s beauty rituals, eggs symbolize balance, new beginnings, and simplicity. 

Not only were eggs the inspiration behind her aptly named brand, Superegg, but they’re a hero ingredient in the product lineup. From egg whites to sunny yolks to delicate shells, eggs deliver vital nutrients to your skin and make for a balanced complexion.

If you need something to tide you over before we start showcasing these amazing founders, check out these Q&A interviews we’ve posted in the past: 

+ Have you heard of any of these skincare brands before? 

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