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The Klog’s 3-Step Clean Skin Routine is the Spring Refresh Your Skin Needs

This multitasking skincare routine gives you clean, smooth, hydrated skin—plus the cooling sensation is super refreshing for spring and summer.

They say that the best skincare routine is the one that you look forward to following every day. After all, when skincare is fun and exciting you’re way more likely to stick with a regimen and carve out proper space for those daily self-care moments. 

I definitely subscribe to the theory, and I think that’s partly why I’m so amped about The Klog’s recent launch of three new products—Plant-Rich Antioxidant Pore Cleansing Oil, Double Action Exfoliating Cleanser, Hydra Shield Anti-Pollution Jelly Toner. Meant to be used together or on their own, this multi-functional trio covers all your bases while gifting a slew of sensorial experiences. 

You get a silky slip from the oil cleanser, a literal cooling sensation from the creamy exfoliating cleanser, and a bouncy, ultra-hydrating watery texture from the toner. I’ve made this trio my go-to clean skin routine for spring and summer and definitely won’t be looking back. If you’re keen on trying it yourself, just follow these three simple steps. 

By the way,  The Klog line was born out of trying to find acne-focused solutions. The brand’s first product was the Soft Shield Pimple Patch, which is now a best-seller on Soko Glam. This minimalist skincare routine is all about making life easier—and skin clearer—for those with acne-concerns, as well.  

Step One: Plant-Rich Antioxidant Pore Cleansing Oil

I’ve been a fan of the double cleanse method for years and there’s zero chance of me changing course now! The Klog’s Plant-Rich Antioxidant Pore Cleansing Oil is a fine, lightweight oil that’s perfect for my sensitive, blemish-prone skin. Plus, it does a bangup job of nixing oil, dirt, and all the products I applied during my previous skincare sesh, including moisturizer residue, sunscreen, and makeup. 

If you’re wondering whether the oils will be too heavy for your skin, I promise you they aren’t! It’s a fusion of sea buckthorn, jojoba oil, sweet almond, and grapeseed oils, which means the formula is incredibly lightweight. Basically, you get to enjoy the deep cleansing benefits and the right dose of hydration without worrying about breakouts or a greasy feel. 

To use: Apply a dime-sized amount to dry skin, massage gently in small circles, then rinse away. The oil grabs onto all the gunk on your skin and, once water is added, sends it all down the drain. 

Step Two: Double Action Exfoliating Cleanser

After rinsing the cleansing oil, it’s time to follow up with your second cleanser. When I tell you that the Double Action Exfoliating Cleanser has a cooling sensation, I’m not joking! It’s not an overwhelmingly “cold” feel, but rather has a refreshing effect that’s perfect for these upcoming warmer months. (And as someone who lives in the hot desert, I’m especially loving it!). 

What makes it a “double action” cleanser? So glad you asked. This creamy formula not only cleanses your skin, but it’s made with lactic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that exfoliates your skin. 

“Lactic acid is a common ingredient in skin care products due its gentle exfoliating effect and its ability to mobilize cell turnover creating more vibrant and thicker skin over time,” says Dr. Nava Greenfield, board-certified dermatologist at Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City. “As an added bonus, lactic acid works well with sensitive skin types.”

In addition to lactic acid, the Double Action Exfoliating Cleanser contains willow bark to promote a clearer-looking complexion while balancing oil production.

To use: Apply to damp skin, massage in gentle circles. For an extra cooling sensation, leave it on for 15 seconds. Then rinse with warm water before gently patting dry.

Step Three: Hydra Shield Anti-Pollution Jelly Toner

With your double cleanse complete, it’s time to hydrate! The Hydra Shield Anti-Pollution Jelly Toner is the perfect follow up. It has a juicy, bouncy, serum-like texture that instantly hydrates your skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple. 

I also love that it’s formulated with 3% niacinamide, peptides, LHA, red clover, and snow mushroom, which help strengthen skin, brighten my complexion, and protect against environmental pollutants that can lead to premature signs of aging. 

“Pollution and environmental toxins are not easily seen with a naked eye because the particles may be microscopic. However, just as UV rays can cause damage to the DNA in skin cells, environmental toxins may have a detrimental effect on skin cells and speed up the aging process,” notes Dr. Greenfield.

She adds that it’s theorized that niacinamide has the ability to transform into “essential enzymes,” which help your cells fix the damage. The addition of antioxidants in this formula also helps protect against free radicals while peptides promote a stronger skin barrier. 

To use: Push down once on the dispenser for the perfect dose of jelly toner. Gently press it onto your skin and enjoy the instant hydration.

You can definitely get away with following these three steps—plus a sunscreen on top—during the hot and humid months. If you wanted to, though, you could follow up with The Klog’s Snail Mucin Energy Essence, $17, which offers an extra boost of lightweight moisture for those with dry skin types or people in drier climates. 

While carving out some proper “me time” for a luxurious 10-step step skincare routine is so nice, it’s not always feasible. This simplified clean skin routine is a good option for those who want to minimize their regimen. 

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