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Famous esthetician Charlotte Cho tries the semi-permanent eyebrow tint from Etude House on both of her eyebrows Famous esthetician Charlotte Cho tries the semi-permanent Tint My Brows Gel from Etude House on left brows Charlotte Cho wearing a cheery red lipstick experimenting with brown eyebrow tint from Etude House Tint For Days: The Semi-Permanent Korean Brow Trick

Tint For Days: The Semi-Permanent Korean Brow Trick

Watching someone like Lisa Eldridge fill in her eyebrows can be soothing, mesmerizing, and something you don’t mind doing over and over again. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you feel the same way about doing your own brows. If your morning routine has enough steps (and if you’re doing the Korean thing, I’m sure it does), go for a more permanent solution.

Well, semi-permanent. If you’re looking for brow routine that lasts longer than pencil but aren’t about to tattoo anything, there are some products coming out of Korea that will solve your problems (and make you re-think the limits of makeup).

Etude House, a Korean beauty brand known for their whimsical packaging and innovative makeup, just released a wonder product called Tint My Brows Gel. It stains and colors your brows in a natural-yet-noticeable way. And get this: that stain lasts for a solid week. That’s the kind of coverage Verizon can only dream of.

Here’s how it works: The gel is brushed over clean brows and in the direction of your hair growth, just like you would pencil in your brows. In two hours (yeah, a slight time commitment on this one), the gel will set and turn rubbery. Gently peel off the gel in the opposite direction of hair growth, and you’ve got a stain that will make your brows look naturally full and filled-in for about a week.

The less time-consuming option is the Clio Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo, an eyebrow marker that naturally pigments the skin as you sleep. It’s so popular, over one million of them have been sold in Korea.

The felt tip marker is applied over clean eyebrows before you go to bed, which gives the formula time to stain the skin under the brows as you sleep. If you can get over the strange feeling that you’re drawing in your eyebrows with what looks like a Sharpie and the fact that you’re technically wearing makeup to bed, this is a great product that delivers impressive results.

In the morning, your eyebrows will be perfectly drawn in. The stain will last for the next few days, and you can wash your face as normal. To add dimension (and to let you still do something to your brows in the morning), the handy marker includes brow mascara on the other side, adding shape and a little extra depth of color to the actual brow hairs themselves.

For someone like me that needs to draw in her eyebrows every morning, these Korean stains are the brow-hacks I’ve been waiting my whole life for.

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