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A Korean Skin Care Routine for Your Body - The Klog

A Korean Skin Care Routine for Your Body

You know how to take care of the skin of your face. But what about the skin of your body? Here is what a Korean skin care routine for your body looks like!

Recently at The Klog we have been obsessed about sharing skin care routines and techniques for not only your face but your body. From tech-neck to bacne, it’s clear the skin concerns for your body are endless.

But aside from specific treatment techniques, I thought I’d cover the two-step process (yes, two!) for your daily body skincare routine. You’ll see it doesn’t take much more out of your day to take care of yourself from head to toe.

– Start With A Clean Slate
First things first. There is no greater beginning then when your skin starts off as a clean canvas. Exfoliation is key here. To exfoliate properly, don’t rely on the limp loofa you have hanging around in your bathtub because your skin on your body is actually slightly thicker than the skin on your face and neck, which means you’ll need something more than a soft mesh to lift dead skin cells.

I like hand viscose towels, like those may have seen at a Korean sauna. They’re inexpensive and super easy to get into the crevices (that area in between your toes and ankles!) My favorite are the longer viscose towels that help you reach the hard-to-reach areas, namely your back!

Tip: Don’t soap up your body prior to this step, it’ll be harder to remove dead skin cells after you suds up. And don’t scrub so hard that your skin feels raw, irritated or red. Even though you should exfoliate every day, there is such a thing as over-exfoliating your body, too! So take it easy.

The results: Your skin will look brighter, smoother and you’ll emerge out of the shower with softer skin. Your moisturizer will also work better for you without the layer of dead skin cells blocking its path.

– Coat And Protect Your Canvas
I remember my very first Korean sauna experience and after I got over the being completely exposed part, I was mesmerized at how the simple act of moisturizing their body was clearly a big deal for them before they put on their clothes.

Every inch of their body is being slathered in a moisturizer, and age didn’t discriminate in this practice. Mothers and grandmothers would pay the same amount of care for their little one, moisturizing them from head-to-toe.

Tip: Don’t forget your stomach, butt, and chest area. These parts may normally not see the light of day but you see them—and being firm all over is a huge confidence booster, right?

Skinfood’s Intensive Shea Butter Cream Lotion is an oasis for dry skin, while the Tony Moly Pure Eco Snail Gel is a light, hydrating moisturizer for the oily skin types and likely preferred over the summer months. An in-between lotion and body oil such as the Belif’s Body Bomba Body Lotion slides on smoothly and makes your skin glisten with moisture!

The result: Your skin will be protected and hydrated and you’ll banish any trace of flakes and spidery lines which are a result from thirsty skin.

It’s Not Only What You Use But How You Use It!
With facial skincare, you reap long-term benefits if you tap the skin delicately with your fingertips to avoid tugging and pulling at the skin. But for the body, I recommend tweaking this technique a bit.

Since your skin below the neck is slightly thicker, you can feel free to apply a little more pressure for an extra massage-effect while you are exfoliating or moisturizing. Use upwards movements when moisturizing your legs and arms, and circular motions for the rest of your body. This helps loosen tight, stressed muscles and promotes circulation, which boosts energy levels and can help tone the body.

+ Got some body care tips to share? We would love to read them in the comments!

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