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How to Get Rid of Bacne

Although most people put effort and some extra care for their face, few actually pay attention to their body’s skin—and, let’s face it, it only gets worse during the colder months, when most of your body is covered by layers of clothing. We’re here to tell you that the time to treat and prevent bacne (or back acne) from haunting your next off-the-shoulder look is now! Here’s all the information you need to get rid of acne on your back once and for all.

Is the Acne on Your Back the Same Thing as the Acne on Your Face?

No. Although they are formed the same, there is a slight difference between facial and back acne. Bacne usually involves more cases of inflammatory acne, which means larger and often more painful pimples.

What Causes Bacne?

Bacne is very similar to facial acne in its causes: hormones, excess sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells. But considering that some body care products can clog your pores, and sweaty tight clothing can aggravate acne, chances are the risks of having bacne may be slightly higher, especially if you work out (just think about all the sweat and the friction from a tight-fitting sports bra).

What Products Should You Use To Treat It

You should treat bacne pretty much as you would treat your facial acne. That means using an antibacterial cleanser like Skinfood’s Tea Tree Bubble Cleansing Foam or a gentle body wash that contains salicylic acid, followed by a toner (we love Benton’s Aloe BHA Skin Toner, since it contains chemical exfoliants in the formula, too). Another great treatment option to carry around (or simply throw in your gym bag) is the award-winning COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pads. These pre-soaked pads contain betaine salicylate and willow bark, two natural BHAs, to chemically exfoliate without drying out your skin.
Speaking of exfoliating, this step is also key—do it at least two times a week after cleansing your skin in the shower. But here, instead of using your old loofah, try a longer washcloth that can actually reach the center of your back. Finish off with a moisturizer or a sunscreen if you’re going to show some skin.

What Products You Should Definitely Avoid 

When looking for a cleanser, do not use any formula containing benzoyl peroxide, since it can bleach your clothes. Steer clear of regular body lotions, at least on your back, since they may clog your pores, and avoid letting your hair oil treatments touch your skin while your hair is still wet.

How To Prevent It From Coming Back

Incorporating these three simple habits will help you to get rid and prevent the bacne from haunting you again:


Be sure to change out of your dirty clothes ASAP after a sweaty workout session. If that’s not possible, make sure you carry at least some cleansing tissues with you for a post-workout cleanup.


 No more letting your conditioner-soaked hair sit on your back while you wash your body in the shower. Try putting your strands up in a clip or a bun while you wait for your hair products to do their job. Also, remember to wash your back after rinsing your locks to get rid of that extra residue.


We know it’s getting cold, but try to allow your skin to breathe as much as you can while you’re at home.


+ Do you have a special trick or favorite product to treat bacne? Share with us in the comments below!

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