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The New Way To Apply Lip Color: Cards!

The situation: you’re dressed up and ready to go out, with your heels on and that trusty wristlet that holds down your card/phone/wallet situation dangling in your hand. You’re just about to rush out to meet your Uber when it (not the Uber) hits you: you have no place to stash your lipstick. No pockets, no bag—just a phone holder with debit cards shoved in it the back slots. Now what?

For the Friday-night minimalist who finds herself in this position, Korean beauty brand Laneige has a solution. Meet the new way to carry and apply your lip color: on a card. No, this isn’t an April Fool’s advertising joke from some desperate Atlantic City casino. It’s Korean innovation-in-packaging at its finest.

Anyone who recalls the temporary tattoos of their childhood will already be familiar with the mechanism here. The card is folded in half and pressed against the lips (it’s pretty obvious what goes where when you look at the card). The color sort of melts off the card and transfers itself onto the applicator’s lips. And, as the magicians say, Voila.

Now, we wouldn’t be reporting this thing if it was all packaging and no product—the lip color is actually good. It’s bright (“vibrant” is the word we’ve used in the office), lasting, and glossy, with a nice shiny finish. And it comes in a wide enough variety of colors that you’ll be able to find a good match to the your original getting-ready lipstick shade. And best believe you’ll be making a statement in the club bathroom when all the other girls are digging through their satchels and you whip out what looks like a business card and kiss it in front of the mirror. The surprise will be all theirs. Instantly rosy lips (and the lightest accessory load) will be all yours.

Editor’s Note: Laneige Lip Cards are only available for purchase in Korea and Singapore at this time. We will update as soon as they become available stateside!

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