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Quench Dehydrated Skin With These Top-Rated Sheet Masks

Skin feeling dry and dehydrated? The five sheet masks below are what you’re going to want to reach for all winter long.

When your skin needs a little something extra, sheet masks are the perfect panacea. With winter in full swing and our bodies still in post-holiday season recovery mode, now is one of those times when that “something extra” is very much needed.
You can always count on sheet masks of any form to offer up a major dose of moisture. But because there are so many to choose from, and because some are superior at effectively targeting dry patches, rough texture, irritation, and other related skin issues that arise this time of year, we’ve rounded up five options that have rave reviews from the Soko Glam community.
Why we like it: 
This mask has a unique, thick knitted texture that’s drenched in 60 milligrams of a concentrated essence and adheres to skin for maximum absorption. Some of the exceptionally moisturizing ingredients in that essence are ceramides, white truffle, and avocado oil.
What reviewers say: 
“[It’s like] a cozy blanket for the face!”
“It felt like a cloud drenching goodness into my skin. My skin felt very refreshed, moisturized and bouncy afterwards.”
Why we like it: 
Snail mucin is such a popular ingredient in K-beauty products, including this sheet mask, because it offers so many skin benefits. Among them: it helps speed up cell turnover, heal irritation and damage, and moisturize (it’s a source of hyaluronic acid). All of the above make the ingredient a skin savior for a dehydrated complexion.
What reviewers say: 
“My skin feels smooth, hydrated and supple for about 3 days.”
“I am a licensed esthetician and this is by far the most moisturizing mask I have ever tried.”
Why we like it: 
This mask coats skin with a creamy emulsion that’s non-sticky, fast-absorbing, and super nourishing. The hero ingredient is nutrient-rich birch juice that helps skin retain moisture, boost its barrier function, even skin tone and boost turnover. The formula also features calming ingredients like calendula.
What reviewers say: 
“I damaged my moisture barrier, and have been on an up and down rollercoaster to fix it. Some days it seems okay, and others my skin is so dry. I used this on one of the drier days, and my skin felt so calm and hydrated.”
“It was so soothing on my skin, and it helped reduce a lot of the redness I have my in my cheeks. I also woke up the next morning with a nice glow.”
Why we like it:
This hydrogel mask clings to skin and hydrates with marine collagen. The ingredient binds moisture to the skin and locks it in for lasting hydration. It also creates a temporary blurring effect on fine lines and wrinkles, which can be more apparent when skin is dehydrated.
What reviewers say: 
“This mask made my skin feel SO soft and plump during the time of year when my skin is normally super dry.”
“I used this on a particularly cold and windy day when my skin was dehydrated, and this brought my skin back to life!”
Why we like it: 
Honey extract, a featured ingredient in this mask, is a natural hydrator that also has healing properties and is anti-bacterial. It’s a great choice for anyone dealing with eczema flare-ups or who has dehydrated, acne-prone skin.
What reviewers say: 
“I was having some issues with dryness and after using this mask, I didn’t even have to put on any moisturizer. Definitely a new holy grail product!”
“I’ve been worrying about my red skin and dryness this winter, and these masks have been great for me! I LOVE how my skin feels and looks after this mask.”

+What are your favorite moisturizing sheet masks? Share your picks in the comments below!

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