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The Most Popular Sheet Masks in Korea Right Now 

During the summer, there’s nothing more refreshing than the perfect sheet mask to cool you down and revive your complexion. Read on to find out what the most popular sheet masks are this summer in Korea.

Here in Seoul, South Korea where it’s hot and humid in the summer, it’s all about finding the balance between keeping oil production and congestion at bay whilst providing the skin with the proper amount of hydration. And few steps strike this balance better than sheet masks. With the right ingredients, they can help keep your skin clear, clean and dewy and nourished. There are so many great options to choose from, but these are the top four that people in Seoul are loving the most. 

Abib Mild Acidic pH Heartleaf Sheet Mask

Abib has been one of the hottest sheet mask brands of the moment – their Gummy Sticker Masks and Mild pH masks have been flying off the shelves of every Olive Young I’ve visited. But one of the most popular is the Mild Acidic pH Heartleaf Sheet Masks. This incredible mask has 84% heartleaf extract, a natural extract known for its anti-bacterial properties that’s especially effective against some of the most common acne-causing bacteria. Plus, it has a mild pH that’s balanced perfectly for the skin’s natural acidity. And, as with all of Abib’s masks, it sticks to the skin perfectly and seriously seals in the hydration on your face. 

Mediheal Tea Tree Essential Blemish Control Sheet Mask

Mediheal is undoubtedly one of the most popular masks both here in Korea and abroad. I constantly see consumers buying them in bulk for regular use regardless of the season. So, it comes as no surprise that in the summer months Mediheal’s Tea Tree Mask is especially popular. Tea tree is one of the best ingredients for fighting off redness and inflammation, a common skin concern amidst the summer heat. Plus, you can depend on the brand to always have high quality masks that stick to the face well and offer a long-lasting hydrating treatment. 

Faith in Face I Want Healthy Look

Over the past couple of years I’ve been visiting Seoul, Faith in Face masks have only been growing in popularity. Back in my Seoul travel recap in 2018, I talked about the brand’s After Shower Look and Peace of Face masks, and each time I come back there are new varieties on the market. The hottest mask right now is the I Want Healthy Look, which is packed with ingredients that address one of the biggest trends in Korea right now – strengthening the skin barrier. This mask uses olive leaf extract, shea butter extract and tomato extract to impart hydration and nutrients to the skin to restore its natural barrier. 

I’m From Mugwort Sheet Mask 

There are few ingredients better for sweaty, oily, and/or congested skin than mugwort – it’s soothing and hydrating while also being powerfully anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal. It makes sense then that mugwort is one of the hottest ingredients of the moment, and few products are as effective, or as popular, as the I’m From Mugwort Sheet Mask. This high quality mask doesn’t play around – it has a short and sweet ingredient list that’s 91.45% mugwort extract to give your skin the serious summer TLC it’s been needing. 
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