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Sensitive Skin? An Oil Cleanser for You

I’m one of the lucky ones out there that can handle new products without getting irritated. Thank God, because I test a ton of product. But my teammate on my left (Sara!) tells me that she is not quite so lucky and how she and her roommate are very sensitive to a lot of poorly formulated products out there.

Sensitive skin can by trying because you’re skin is often left feeling irritated — red, itchy, and sometimes even painful after applying something topically. Nobody has time for that! We all want to feel clean, moisturized and refreshed.

Finding products that works for sensitive skin involves a lot of trial and error, which means you tend to stay loyal to a product not because it’s particular good, but because it’s the only product that doesn’t make you break out.

The good thing is that the feedback from many of you is that you are typically sensitive and you have found success with Korean products! I love when I hear that.

So naturally, I’ve been asked: Are Korean skin care products really “less harsh” compared to Western products?

Well, when I spoke with the head of R&D at AmorePacific, Paul Kang, he said many Koreans identify with having sensitive skin. So, Korean cosmetic companies keep this in mind while creating their formulas. They tend to focus on using the most effective, yet gentle ingredients for the skin.

In my quest to find more skin care products for sensitive skin types, I looked to the brand Klairs, a.k.a. Dear Klairs. It was on my radar after tons of people actually emailed me to test it out. Have you guys heard of it?

Klairs isn’t a masstige brand with tons of brick and mortars in Seoul or a huge marketing budget with celebrity endorsements, but it has swiftly and quickly become a cult K-beauty favorite for their gentle yet effective ingredients. They also commit to 5 values: no animal testing (!!!), alcohol free, no parabens, no artificial coloring and the packaging is eco friendly.

After testing it, I’m excited to finally curate Klairs on Soko Glam.

My first Klairs love? Gentle Black Seed Deep Cleansing Oil.

It’s made up of black seed oil – from a plant called Nigella Sativa.

Some of the benefits of black seed oil: Great moisturizer, is packed with antioxidants to ward off premature aging. Not to mention it is anti-inflammatory and contains vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids. All skin pleasers!

Why I curated it: I love the medium to light-weight consistency of the oil and how it leaves my skin feeling soft and not at all sticky. I have tested one too many oil cleansers that are either too watery or way too emollient. With a splash of water it emulsifies easily and gently (which means it turns slightly milky and thus helps effectively remove the excess oil-based debris). Remember to massage a pump or two of this oil cleanser on a dry face, even with makeup. Cause like every good oil cleanser should, it should remove makeup easily and effortlessly.

And packaging? As much as I like super cute stuff, this packaging is simple and unisex. It has a natural, apothecary-type feel to it. #SokoMan approved? 🙂


Mmm, milky!

A final note: No matter what brand oil cleanser you use, make sure your oil cleanser is formulated to emulsify. Some have asked me if they can use straight, natural olive oil found in the kitchen. Not that you can’t (it’s a free country that declared yesterday that #lovewins 🙂 but olive oil used for cooking means it won’t easily wash off with water. Oil cleansers formulated in the lab specifically for skin care involves adding the right ingredients that help thoroughly wash off the skin when water is introduced. That’s why I always make sure the oil cleanser I use turns slightly milky. If it doesn’t, you may be just adding a very emollient topical product onto your face that won’t really be doing you any favors. It may not be really cleansing and it might mean clogged pore central.

Finally this trio has made it to Soko Glam!


So thats my take! Are you also a fan of KLAIRS? So far I’ve curated two other Klairs items: the Rich moist soothing sheet mask and the Supple Preparation Facial Toner. And I’m sure there will be more to come. I’m currently testing their Freshly Juiced Drop (a Vitamin C serum!)

This brand wouldn’t have caught my eye without your help. If you’ve tried this brand I’d love to hear your recommendations and comments below or please leave a review at individual product listings here!

xx charlotte

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