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OUR MUSE: Annie Atkinson from She’s In The Glow

We caught up with Annie Atkinson, Editor-In-Chief and founder of She’s In The Glow, a gorgeous beauty blog that we love because it covers everything from smoothie making and sheet masks to international trends and travel must-haves. At its core, She’s in the Glow explores the best of beauty, focusing on how to achieve a healthy balance between what’s natural and what’s scientific.

She’s recently engaged, so with wedding season now in full swing, we had to ask Annie about all the details of her upcoming nuptials and how she plans to prepare for her big day.

THE KLOG: When and why did you decide to start She’s in the Glow?

Annie Atkinson: In 2007, while working as a beauty assistant at Chanel, I noticed a growing number of natural and non-toxic products creeping into the luxury beauty space. Back then organic beauty still meant slathering Whole Foods olive oil all over your face. Organic beauty was so new and misunderstood. I wanted to share my love and passion for beauty products that really worked, yet were not harmful,

But while I am a full believer in the power natural beauty, I still realize that technology has a place in our beauty regiments. Like most modern women, I don’t always have the time to live 100% naturally. It’s not that that I wouldn’t love to spend an afternoon mixing natural oils in my bathtub like my friend Shiva Rose. It’s more a matter of convenience and the desire for fast-acting, science-driven results, especially in the anti-aging department.

I started my site to explore the world of beauty, but a completely unbiased and modern point of view.

THE KLOG: Congratulations on your engagement! We’d love to hear all the details about what you’re planning for your big day!

AA: Thank you! I am very excited. My wedding is this September in my hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. My fiancé is Swiss, and we both wanted something traditional, so we decided that my home would be best. It was actually his idea! You won’t believe it but I have 12 people in my bridal party – we both do. My sister is my maid of honor. Yes, I did finally find my dress, and I am beyond ecstatic. While I won’t reveal any major details, I will say that there are feathers involved.

THE KLOG: Tell us about your skin care routine. How has it changed/stayed the same as you prepare for your big day? Do you have any tips to achieve a healthy glow?

AA: I am crazy about my skin. I have a facialist that I have been seeing for years in the city that I am very loyal too, and I see her at least once a month. At home, I am doing face masks once or twice a week. I even just purchased an LED light mask from the International Beauty Show this weekend, which I am beyond excited about. I interviewed Gucci Westman a few weeks ago and she told me that her LED mask is her number one beauty secret. So I bought one too.

In terms of products, I love an essence. I rotate between Missha First Treatment Essence Mist and SK-II Facial Essence. For face masks, I love a good Korean sheet mask, so I’ll use those, and rotate in some of my other favorites: Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask, Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask, Hannes Dóttir Seamasque and May Lindstrom Blue Cocoon to name a few.

THE KLOG: What else are you doing to prep for your big day? 

AA: Well, I am working out a lot more. I am doing a combination of yoga and barre with a little cardio. I explain everything way more in depth here, but basically I am trying to make it a habit of working out 4-5 times a week. I am quite healthy anyways, I don’t eat meat, gluten, processed foods, and stick to a super clean diet. I make a smoothie every morning, and grab a green juice whenever I can. I am trying to cut out the sugar. I love chocolate, and seeing that my fiancé is Swiss, we have a lot of it lying around the house. So now I am just trying to control myself. But there are two things I just can’t give up: coffee and wine!

THE KLOG: Being in a wedding dress means your back and neck area will (most likely) be exposed. Do you have any body care tips?

AA: Yes–avoid the sun! Also, a big hat and sunglasses will do wonders. I am working on avoiding the sun as much as I can from now till September. There are also amazing things that a good facialist can do. I am getting laser on my chest to help with some of the sun damage.

THE KLOG: Makeup looks different on camera. How will you wear your makeup that day? Do you have any tips on how to wear your makeup differently so that it comes out great on camera as well?

AA: I want to feel like myself, so I am not going to do anything wild. I just want my skin to be perfect and super glowing and radiant. The key though, when you are on camera, is to avoid looking greasy. A dusting of a good setting powder will limit the shine while still keeping the glow.

THE KLOG: Have you thought about the style and color you’ll pick out for your manicure? 

AA: The night that I got engaged, I had a half-moon reverse French manicure from Paintbox in New York. It was in pink tips with my nailbed being left clear. So for my wedding, I want to do this, but in a nude. I am really trying to grow my nails for my wedding too. I want them long!

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