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The Practical Mother’s Day Gift Guide That Will Wow Her

I’m a very practical gift-giver. My friends know that I’m the first to hand out a Trader Joe’s gift card (’cause everyone needs to eat) or a bottle of wine (to a gal who loves a glass of wine during dinner). Not the most exciting or sentimental gifts, I know, but I like knowing that my gifts are going to be used instead of just sitting in some corner gathering dust.
In Korea, my colleagues didn’t really seem to go all out on parental gifts because the actual holiday wasn’t a big deal. They actually don’t even have a Mother’s Day—they lump Mother’s Day and Father’s Day together and celebrate Parent’s Day instead. In lieu of annual gifts, I found out they were doing something that was in many ways more thoughtful and helpful. Many of my coworkers were giving their parents a certain percentage of their monthly salary, almost like an allowance. I remember thinking it was super generous, responsible, and really practical too. I also remember at that time, I was busy trying to pay off my student loans and felt a bit guilty that I wasn’t doing the same for my parents.
As Mother’s Day is approaching, we’ve been getting a lot of requests for recommendations. So I decided to put together a gift guide that will get her something that is super innovative and special, but practical at the same time, because she’ll use it every day.
After all, skin care is about pampering yourself a little bit each day, and not always with the goal of banishing wrinkles in mind. Also, this gift guide may be helpful to new moms out there that just want to give yourself a nice little pick up throughout the day that is easy and safe whether you are breastfeeding or have a bun in the oven.
We’re all sheet mask fanatics here, and everyone knows how gorgeously bright and dewy they make your skin look after just one use. Out of all sheet masks on Soko Glam, I recommend gifting the Skinfood Real Tea Sheet masks because they not only smell sweetly of rose or lavender, but there are actually bits of petals suspended in the hydrogel itself. It just goes to show that high-quality ingredients are used in the sheet masks and it’s also bit of aromatherapy rolled up into one.

Neogen Real Flower Cleansing Water

If natural beauty is her thing, she’ll love the Neogen Real Flower Cleansing Water with real rose petals (or calendula petals) suspended in the water! Similar to micellar water, it’s an innovative beauty product that allows you to tone and clean without water (perfect for on-the-go moms!) I love how it can remove all my waterproof makeup so effortlessly and hydrates without over-stripping my skin of its natural oils.
RE:P Ultra Nourishing Cream

As we age, our skin naturally loses moisture and becomes dry. The result is less bouncy, elastic skin and the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. If she’s looking for something that will nourish, hydrate and protect her skin, this RE:P Ultra Nourishing Cream is the perfect moisturizer. It’s also made with eco-friendly packaging and is certified cruelty-free.
This is a buttery, soothing lavender scented sleeping pack that is loaded with lavender and argan oils. She can apply this in place of her regular moisturizer once or twice a week, and wake up with soft, nourished skin. The formula helps prevent any fine lines from becoming wrinkles.
Let the video speak for itself. This innovative serum is sure to wow your mom because of it’s instant lifting and anti-aging effects!  It’s secret sauce includes argireline, a stimulator of collagen, and voluform, a compound the increases elasticity. With continuous use, clinical tests have also shown overall anti-aging improvements to deep wrinkles and sagging skin especially around the eye, forehead, mouth and neck areas.
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