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When Should You Start Using Anti-Aging Products?

We know, anti-aging still may sound like it’s something for older people… Well, that’s where you’re wrong! Wrinkles form way before you see them and, by the time they rear their ugly heads, they’ve already been brewing for decades. Learn the best way and time to start fighting the signs of aging with these three simple steps. 

How does a wrinkle form, anyway?
Wrinkles, as you know, are a sign of aging skin. When we’re young, our skin works like it’s supposed to: It is rich in elastin and collagen and has this amazing ability to retain moisture and quickly repair itself from damages. But, as time passes, it accumulates damages that comes from outside factors (like UV rays, pollution and gravity) as well as internal ones (hormonal changes and the side effects of stress and anxiety, for example).

Aging by itself already makes our skin repairs itself four times more slowly than younger skin, and after being constantly exposed to these aggressors, our levels of supportive collagen and other important skin components decrease over time. The results of all this? Wrinkles and saggy skin.

How To Slow Down The Damage
Like all other aspects of health, it’s easier to prevent skin damage than it is to undo it later. Here are some things you can start doing now to help prevent and treat wrinkles:

1. Wear Sunscreen
Damage from UV light is the number one preventable cause of skin aging, so sunscreen is the best anti-aging product you can invest in. When choosing a sunscreen, look for one with a high SPF rating (higher than 30 is best) and preferably, a UVA protection rating as well (PPD or PA–again, higher is better). Remember that the best sunscreen is a sunscreen you’ll actually use–an SPF 30 sunscreen with a great texture will be more effective than an SPF 100 sunscreen that’s too greasy and ends up collecting dust in your bathroom. Make sure you apply enough, and try to apply it evenly. We love MISSHA Mild Essence Sun Milk.

Quick tip: Applying it in two layers will reduce the chance of missing spots.

2. Put The Anti-Aging Products To Action
First, let’s get clear on what’s an anti-aging cream (or serum, essence…). Anti-aging products are basically all formulas that help you inhibiting, reversing and diminishing the signs of aging (we’re talking to you, wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and saggy skin). These products work on 
reducing the amount of damage accumulated over the years as well as start repairing your skin. The right time to start using them? Right now! As said before, a younger skin is four times more responsive than an older one. Translation: The sooner you start using these products, the better are the results.
The most effective anti-aging formulas are those containing vitamin A (like retinol) and vitamin C. As if reducing wrinkles, decreasing hyperpigmentation and firming your skin wasn’t enough, these guys also have brightening and anti-acne properties too! Try MISSHA Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator AmpouleNEOGEN Code 9 Lemon Green Caviar Essence & Tox Tightening Pack Kit, and KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum.

3. Treat your skin gently
Stay away from harsh scrubs or treatments that cause trauma, like masks that stick tightly to your face. It’s also best to avoid cleansers that are too alkaline and formulas with a lot of alcohol in it, since they overdry your skin, striping it of its natural moisture and essential oils. Instead, go for 
a double-cleanse.


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