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Easy ways to sneak skin care products into your beauty routine

Easy Ways to Add Skincare to Your Routine: Part I

What if we said you don’t need to spend more time in your usual beauty routine to take care of your skin? We have a lot of easy (and smart!) tips on how you can add skin care to your life—and here are the first ones!

Use a Cleansing Water

Cleansing waters, as you already know, are our favorite shortcut for clean, healthy and beautiful skin. Use it first thing in the morning as a do-it-all (cleanser, toner, and as a makeup prep), and at night as a makeup remover. By using a cleansing water you’ll also help your makeup primer do its job. At night, it will help to soak in all the nutrients of whatever face cream you apply later.

This skin care step gets even easier to follow when you use a nice cleansing water like Neogen’s Real Flower Cleansing Water in Calendula. It not only smells amazing (it has real calendula petals suspended in the water!) but helps to heal and repair your skin. Plus, its main ingredient, calendula, is also known for reducing inflammation.  Quick tip: I like to store mine in the fridge—the cool temperature helps to contract pores.

Try an Essence Mist

I am a face mist enthusiast. More than liking the benefits they bring to the skin, I love how refreshing they are! My tip here is to add this step before you put your makeup on—or before going for any other skin care step. The more hydrated your skin is, the better it will absorb the magical ingredients of your products.

An essence mist, such as Missha’s First Treatment Essence Mist, will also work into your skin to boost its elasticity, brighten, repair, and nourish your pretty face. Plus, it will help your foundation to look more natural.

Use Eye Cream as an Eye Primer

To make your concealer go on smoother and get the skin under your eyes to look fresh and bright (instead of dry and cakey), use an eye cream. The Erborian Seve De Bamboo Eye, for example, hydrates, help to reduce dark circles, and acts to reverse aging signs such as fine lines, too. Plus, it leaves a matte finish on the skin so it definitely works as a great eye primer.

Boost Your Skin’s Radiance with a Face Oil or Rich Serum

Many of you may agree that an awesome highlighter can be your best friend. Highlighters happen to be my go-to makeup product, no matter the season. But a few things have changed in my beauty routine lately, and one of them is that those shimmery items in my makeup bag haven’t seen as much action since I discovered that using a face oil or a rich serum, like Erborian’s Dong Baek Camellia Essence, can actually end up adding a natural glow to my skin. Truth be told: I’ve been receiving a lot more compliments on my complexion and makeup since this serum came into my life.

Add a few drops to the back of your hand, press your fingers onto it and then pat the formula onto your face—from the top of your cheekbones to the top of your ears.

+ Stay tuned: We have more beauty hacks to share. Check our beauty hacks to sneak skin care into your makeup routine here!

Image on the top by Elaisha Jade.
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