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VDL’s Triple Shot: The All-Inclusive Lip Stain

In a beauty-dense district of Seoul is the modern-glitzy shop VDL. The whole store has the vibe of an upscale nightclub that gets shot up in a video game. Standing out from the standard layout of mirrors and rows of lipstick is a small cubical stand that describes itself as a “Tint Bar.” The motif is mixology, and the names can get a little out-there. There’s a Geltini, which is straight gelly stain in a package that can only be described as an upside down cocktail shaker. There’s ShotGloss (get it?), Milk Colada, and Milk Shot. But wait. There’s also the thing you’ve been trying to mix up yourself since high school—the Triple Shot. It’s stain, balm and “base” all in one, layered in a single container like Neapolitan ice cream.

The color takes up half the bullet, and is available in five different hues of sheer rose. Each one is good idea. The inner slice is a tinted balm, kind of like you one you try to keep track of all day when you’re also wearing stain. Then there’s a buffer layer on the other end. It’s made with the Korean trend of the Gradient Lip in mind—you can use it on or off-label. To get instant gradation, put the layers horizontally against your lips, with the light side on the outer edge of your lips. It looks like concealer, but it’s really just a glistening, balmy guard rail that keeps you from going over the lines. If you want more allover saturated color, you just hold the layers vertically to your lips and swipe away.

The color lasts. Really lasts. And never shrivels or chaps up lips. You’re also spared that dark ring around the innermost parts of your lips that makes it look like you’ve been tossing a few back at the Cullen family reunion. Simply put, it’s the perfect hybrid of all the lip products you’ve been carrying in your pocket all day, all rolled into one. Why not just make it a triple and call it a day?

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