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The K-Beauty Lip Mask That Naturally Exfoliates and Hydrates with Bubbles

The beauty market is saturated with lip masks and scrubs that promise to hydrate chapped lips, but this one does more than that: it bubbles! Meet the Unpa Bubble Lip Scrub, the gentle lip exfoliant that makes getting rid of chapped lips fun.

As someone who has dry, sensitive skin and doesn’t get in her eight daily glasses of water, my skin is frequently deprived of hydration – especially during the winter months. Throughout this winter, I’ve tried several lip masks, balms, and ampoules to give my lips the hydration that it needs. Most importantly, I’ve been on the lookout for the balm or mask that both hydrates AND clears away the dead, flaky skin cells.

Unpa’s Bubble Lip Scrub luckily accomplishes both of these tasks. This pink-colored and innovative scrub, curated by Soko Glam, visibly bubbles on the lips as it works its magic to gently exfoliate and reveal soft, plump lips. Packed with natural derivatives such as witch hazel, papaya, peach, and grapefruit extracts, these ingredients work together to naturally and gently cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize the lips.

unpa lip mask and ampoule

Rest assured, the bubbles that form on your lips should not cause any irritation or tears to the skin. Because the formulation is so fruit-focused, it uses natural AHA’s to exfoliate, making it suitable and safe for all skin types. (Of course, if you’re not sure how your skin will react, always patch test first!)

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In fact, the lip scrub’s packaging is equipped with a pump, allowing you to easily control the amount of product and ultimately the amount of exfoliation you want for your lips. Apply the desired amount onto your lips (I did two pumps), spread gently, and within 3 to 5 minutes, bubbles should start to appear!

Once the bubbling subsides, use a damp cloth to wipe the product off. Your lips should feel immediately smoother, and any pesky flakes or roughness should be noticeably gone.

The scrub has a soft, lightweight texture that instantly “fizzes” and bubbles once it meets your lips. This fizz never seemed to be neither too abrasive nor too rough on my lips but instead made them feel smooth and soft after the fizzing was over.

Sara Miranda

Although this scrub works hard to rid your lips of dry, dead skin cells, it also doubles as a sweet, relaxing treat when you have a little extra time to spend on your routine. It has an aroma similar to the popular confectionary that bubbles: bubble gum!

As for the price, it costs $14 for the Unpa Bubble Lip Scrub. Lip masks and exfoliators sold by other well-known brands tend to cost twice as much, so this is a great deal.

After a week of trying this scrub as a part of my nightly routine, my lips felt moist, plump, and soft once I washed all the bubbles away. The white flakes of dead skin that once resided on the edges of my lips suddenly disappeared, which has been a constant struggle to keep at bay.

If I wanted an extra boost of hydration, some nights I would follow up with the Unpa Bubi Bubi Lip Ampoule. This ampoule is formulated with jojoba oil and argan oil, along with hydrating powerhouses hyaluronic acid and ceramide. My lips usually still felt hydrated and refreshed the following morning, but the hydration had to be replenished by applying the lip ampoule. Overall, this innovative, bubble-fizzing lip mask is a keeper. It makes kissing chapped lips goodbye a fun and exciting experience.

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