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5 Unexpected Ways to Use Oil Cleanser

5 Unexpected Ways to Use Oil Cleanser

OK, so the best way to use your oil cleanser is to obviously wash your face with it. But we bet you didn’t know these other ways to use oil cleanser!

You’ve been here before: You get so excited to try a new product and you buy it without a second thought, but when it comes it’s just not your cup of tea. For me, oil cleansers often get sent to the skin care graveyard more often than not because if it’s doesn’t remove my makeup with ease, what’s the point? But I’m not one to waste product. I’ve discovered the best unexpected ways to use oil cleanser.

1. Clean your makeup brushes

Just like double cleansing, it’ll help to remove all of your oil-based makeup, dirt or debris, as well as working to condition the bristles. Yay for multi-taskers!

Here’s how to do it: Once, you’ve loaded your brushes up with oil cleanser and worked it into the bristles, run them under water and watch the oil emulsify as it gets rid of all the makeup. If you’re like me and may have waited a bit too long before you cleaned them, you’ll be amazed by the amount of makeup that runs out. Then go in for the double cleanse with a gentle water-based cleanser to make sure you’ve gotten rid of every last bit of dirt. Remember: Cleaning your brushes on a regular basis will help to keep acne at bay.

2. Get rid of blackheads

I have super sensitive skin that with any touch, poke or prod, I’ll be beaming as red as a lobster. So if there’s any way for me to soothe the extractions of blackheads, you bet I’m going to try it.

Grab your oil cleanser (the Acwell pH Balancing Watery Cleansing Oil is a favorite of mine) and apply a thin layer to your nose. I recommend trying this after a shower since your skin will be softened from all the heat and steam, but if you’re short on time, grab a washcloth and soak it in some warm water and place it on your nose for five to ten minutes (this will help to soften your skin in a pinch).

The oil cleanser will work as a barrier to help a comedo remover slide over your skin with ease reducing the amount of redness and inflammation. As for the extracting, gently press the comedo remover onto your nose. Be sure not to press too hard—if the blackheads aren’t coming out with ease, just stop so you don’t cause damage to your skin. Once you’ve freed your nose from those pesky blackheads, try using the Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack to soothe and calm any irritation.

3. Remove deodorant residue

Ever been in the shower going about your business cleansing your body and realize your armpits feel extra dry and you can’t seem to get rid of that leftover deodorant residue? An oil cleanser can help. It’s a great way to get rid of any remaining deodorant bits leftover post-cleanse. It also works to nourish and brighten the skin. Hey, no one wants any residue clogging their pores.

4. Make shaving easier and smoother

As a girl, I know all too well the struggles of shaving, like when you’ve finally amped yourself up for the struggle of the shave and you realize the body-wash-as-your-shaving-cream-method just ain’t cutting it. But why would I want to spend money on shaving cream when I can just use my oil cleanser with the same (if not better) effects?

Just spread a few pumps of oil cleanser onto your dry leg and shave away. Let it emulsify under the running water and now you’ve got smooth and moisturized legs. I have definitely noticed a huge difference since trying this out. It really helps to get a closer shaver and a smoother finish. No more unnecessary razor bumps!

5. Make a DIY exfoliating scrub

Who doesn’t love a DIY? I live for exfoliating, and I also live for a good old DIY exfoliator. Take a tablespoon or two of turbinado sugar (or use whichever kind of sugar works for you) and just mix it with your oil cleanser (one with a pump—like the Atrue Pure Balancing Cleansing Oil makes it easier). Gently rub your concoction on your face to help slough off all of those dead skin cells. Say hello to baby soft skin!

+ Do you know of any other cool ways to use oil cleanser? Share them in the comments below!

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